Do One Thing Campaign

This past year has shown us unprecedented and severe weather events,  destroying communities and threatening food sources.

This is a call to further action. 

Nature’s force may feel overwhelming, but together we can create change. Step away from the powerless feeling and take action.


At SHG Living we’re all about helping to drive more sustainable ways of living. Discover solutions and products from a diverse range of shows.

If each of us commits to doing just one thing in our daily lives, we can make a difference and heal the planet.

Will you join us? Will you help heal the planet?


Need inspiration? Here are a few ideas…

Wash Out your Plastics, Always

Unclean plastics are no longer recyclable. Wash them out before dropping them into the recycling bin.

Buy Zero VOC Products

VOC airborne chemicals are harmful to your body and the planet. Buy only Low and No VOC products – paint, carpet, floor finishes, etc – and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Switch to Renewable Electricity

You choose your electric supply. Invest in cleaner energy even though it may cost a little extra. Participate in lower greenhouse emissions.

Replace your Plastic Shopping Bags

Even though plastic shopping bags get reused often, they are made from non-recyclable plastic. Get a washable cotton shopping bag instead.

Plant Natives

Enhance your landscape and help native pollinators thrive again in your area.

Natural Holiday Decor and Party Goods

Replace incandescent Holiday lights with LED light strands. Replace plastic party utensils with bamboo plates and utensils, e.g.

  • Robert V.Connecticut
    I will replace all holiday lights with LED light strands this season.
  • Brayden JNew Jersey
    Washing out plastics and conserving water use!
  • Sabine HConnecticut
    From this day on, I'm cleaning out every plastic container and lid to make sure they are recyclable.
  • Ashley NGeorgia
    I commit to always choosing vegan options,  which studies show that if everyone went vegan, emissions contributing to global warming would be cut by 70%, enough to stop and reverse the harmful effects of climate change.
  • Christopher M.Minnesota
    I'm committing to planting more native plants in my garden to help save water and provide habitat for pollinators.
  • Lynn M.New York
    Reusable cloth shopping bags

Take The Pledge Today!

Take the pledge and commit to doing one thing today and collectively heal the planet.

    Once you’ve taken your pledge, consider sharing with your friends and family. Let’s make an impact, together.

    Get Rolling With More Sustainability At Home

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