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  • Green
    Find out how certain ice melts impact your plumbing.

    Find Out How Ice/Snowmelt Can Effect The Plumbing In Your House

    Magnesium Chloride is one example of how the way we treat the environment can and, over time, will have a direct bearing on our homes and our lives. How? Let’s find out: Spreading of / Uses of Magnesium Chloride There are two widespread and worrisome applications: It is used in…

  • Green

    Call for Pumpkins to Compost Now

    When summer is over and harvest colors appear, pumpkins soon follow. We love them to get our homes ready for Halloween and to make pumpkin pies. It’s all part of a tradition. And so is the habit of tossing spoiled food into our garbage bins, including those, once spoiled pumpkins.…

  • Design
    1000 thread count sheets

    1000 Thread Count Sheets or Less Is More?

    Interior designers love to talk about the furniture layout of living rooms, kitchens, newly created basement spaces, and bedrooms. That’s fine but let’s dig a little deeper into design goods, and specifically, bedding or sheets that you should purchase for your newly designed bedroom.  Should you buy 1000 thread count…

  • Furniture

    Build Your Own Sustainable Furniture This Weekend

    Making sustainable furniture with your own hands is a really satisfying experience.  It’s a great counterpoint to the abstract digital world that surrounds us. Get inspired by 4 different designers/woodworkers from around the globe on Smart Healthy Green Living. These experts share their cool design ideas and DIY building tricks in…

  • Gardening
    What you want to eat? Fresh-cut herbs and veggies.

    What do you want to eat? Fresh cut herbs and vegetables.

    Fresh cut herbs and vegetables are just the best.  We head out to the supermarket to buy so-called fresh-cut herbs and veggies.  The reality is that the so-called fresh-cut herbs and vegetables have been already traveling from a farm somewhere along a supply chain of various distribution centers – for…

  • Green

    Wind Technology’s Huge Job Losses in Germany – a Deep Dive

    Green technology and specifically wind turbine technology was touted as a big part of sustainable, low carbon living in Northern European countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and all of the Scandinavian nations. Therefore, green technology was also touted as a big, stable job creator.  “Green jobs” was the…

  • Landscaping
    It's time for Leaf Clean Up

    Leaf Clean Up – the Green Living Way

    Fall landscapes look so beautiful due to colorful leaves.  The colors can be stunning. If you are a lover of trees alike I am you know a bit of leaf clean up awaits you every fall shortly after the leaves drop to the ground. You may want to be cognizant…

  • Design
    Indigo White, Warm White's And Everything In Between

    Is Indigo White the Right White?

    Finding the Right Shade of White for your Home White. Indigo White. Persia White. Dove White. Linen White. There are so many whites. HELP! How does one figure out the right white? The name, Indigo White sounds really nice but is it the right white? SHG Living’s Kelly Wilkness, the…

  • Healthy Home

    Fire Retardant – California Wildfires, Furniture, your Kids Pajamas and more

    Seeing large quantities of bright and colorful flame retardant dropped from an aircraft into a fire zone around the West Coast fires on the evening news feels assuring. Firemen are working hard to stop large fires.  Homes and properties hopefully will be saved. But what exactly is this fire retardant?…

  • Design
    The gift that keeps on giving is a space that takes a house to home

    House to Home – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    Do you feel motivated to take on a home renovation? What is motivating you? And, most importantly, what is your benefit at the end of the day? To answer these important questions, the documentary team, Chibi Moku, interviews architects, designer, and their clients in their numerous series on Smart Healthy…

  • Furniture
    This sustainable gift and DIY toy is a wooden trike

    DIY Toys, Baby Cradle – Sustainable Gifts Your Kids Will Love

    Just thinking of toys brings out the kid in all of us.  So actually making one with your own hands and some left-over pieces of wood is all the more fun. Handmade sustainable gifts for someone you love. How cool is this?! It will instantly become a family heirloom. It’s…

  • Gardening
    Harmony reigns with organic vegetables

    Harmony Reigns in a Healthy Garden

    You will absolutely love your garden when harmony reigns in your outdoor oasis. We all know harmony is a feeling. While many gardeners speak of their satisfaction that comes from a healthy garden, others speak about organically grown veggies, SHG Living’s Tanya Anderson, host Lovely Greens takes this a step…

  • Home Building

    Soul Searching Leads to Sustainable Living and Eco Friendly Building Design

    In Smart Healthy Green Living’s show RISE Matt Daigle shares his family’s journey to sustainable living.  The birth of their daughter leads this couple to a deep soul searching.  They question their environment and the future they are providing their daughter. While they spent a…

  • Architecture
    in the dry desert landscape, architecture takes advantage of everything but water.

    Desert Landscape – Everything but Water

    Have you ever thought about what attracts people to live and, in fact, build a custom home in a desert landscape? You can find almost everything but water. Desert Architecture, a Chibi Moku documentary series on Smart Healthy Green Living, explores this topic in a series of fascinating interviews with…

  • Home Building

    Modular Design – Custom Container Homes and Building off the Grid

    What is your motivation in modular design?  Is it a fast build? Is it to get out of the weather as rapidly as possible? Do you seek an alternative lifestyle? Perhaps the goal is building off the grid? Do you have space and/or access considerations? …

  • Smart Home
    Smart Home Automation driven by Apple Homekit

    So Many Home Automation Ideas And The Best Is Yet To Come

    Home Automation Ideas and devices are everywhere – it is really confusing. More and more innovations show you the best is yet to come.  How to start? What devices make sense for my home? What devices make my life better?  Is now the time to upgrade your home? What is…

  • Furniture
    Coffee Table With Storage

    Coffee Table with Storage – Is It A Great Idea?

    People often say “…the more storage the better”.  But is it a good idea to have a coffee table with storage? Perhaps in a really small space where every inch counts. Storage or no storage, let’s contemplate a few other important features to determine the right coffee table for your…

  • Landscaping
    Backyard Garden Design

    Great Garden Design Can Build Value In Your Home, And Keep The Bugs Away

    Some people are afraid of great garden design.  They fear maintenance will be too much. They might say that they have a “black thumb” – their plants always die. The truth is you don’t have to be a garden design expert.  You just have to know one to give your…

  • Home Office
    The Ultimate Home Office

    Make It A Happy Monday With A Home Office Makeover

    Home office makeovers are happening everywhere. COVID19 shifted work into our homes. What started out as a temporary solution with a foldable desk in a dining room or in a bedroom is rapidly becoming a more permanent solution: Time for to your Home Office Makeover to create a calm, beautiful…

  • Kitchen Design
    The best is yet to come in great kitchen designs

    Kitchen Design, The Best Is Yet To Come

    Today’s Cool Designs in Kitchen Design Today, kitchen designs have changed dramatically.  What used to have a pretty singular use for preparing food for your family is now a social experience around food. It’s been a concept in the making for a long time. SHG…

  • Kitchen Design
    Wood floating shelves along the back of this kitchen wall.

    Wood Floating Shelves

    Remember when all toilets had to be avocado? Right now wood floating shelves are the rage in kitchen design. Magazines are full of pictures with wood floating shelves.  Some are left in natural wood, others are white floating shelves. You can buy them in all sorts of lengths and with…

  • Gardening
    Summer Harvest Tomatoes

    Your Summer Harvest

    Summer Harvest is when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor – literally. It’s also a great time to sit back and admire the cool designs we’ve created in the garden and reflect on all the learning experiences over the past few months. If, however, it has not…

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