2021 A New Year – A New Beginning

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You don’t have to be an astrology enthusiast who is looking at big planetary shifts this year to know of the change into the Aquarian Age. The big change is noticeably in the air with new thinking, new actions, and new beginnings in 2021.  It’s a year to shift your thinking, then shift your decisions, including purchasing decisions toward health and wellbeing, alignment and harmony, and joy.

The year of COVID showed us the power of worldwide interconnectivity. We are firmly in the digital age. For those reasons, perhaps your 2021 New Year’s resolutions should be aligned with big ideas like sustainability, green, and healthy living to give yourself a more aligned and harmonious life in 2021.

How Sustainability Applies To My Life

As we near the end of 2020 we note existential challenges all around the world.  What do you notice in your life? Let’s start with changes you might have noticed in your immediate environment. Ask yourself:

  • Is the weather as it used to be?
  • Are storms more or less intense today?
  • Is illness more consuming than ever before?
  • Do I feel the planet is changing?

If you answer “yes to any of these questions, things may feel a bit out of balance.  See how sustainability thinking can apply positively to your life. Take this as your invitation to find a new beginning, make a difference in your life and your surroundings.

It’s time to ask the next question:

  • What can I do in my personal world?

Every adjustment or change comes down to every-day actions. Smart healthy green living invites all of us to view our world both from a personal impact as well as a universal perspective. We are all consumers and our selections matter.  They matter on a personal level. They matter to manufacturers who listen closely to what consumers are buying.  They matter to the planet.

Time to move your life towards smart, healthy, green living. Watch the whole plethora of lifestyles. Start by watching the creatives on SHGLiving. It’s fun and easy!

Consumer Power

Let’s talk specifics.  Here are some suggestions that make 2021 a new year and a new beginning.  They all share one fundamental thread – consumer impact or consumer power:

  • Are you planning to acquire a new car? It matters what car you choose – gas or electric.
  • Do you want to buy a new heating and air-conditioning system? It matters if you choose a forward-thinking, energy-efficient system.  Perhaps you can contemplate alternative solutions like solar and geothermal.
  • Is the purchase of a new refrigerator on the horizon? Pay close attention to the Energy Star rating. Beko, a well-established brand in Europe and Asia is presenting refrigerators with significantly lower energy consumption and better food preservation so you do not spoil nature’s offerings.
  • Do you want to live a healthier life in 2021? If you feel you know a lot of people with health conditions like asthma, diabetes, or high blood pressure you might want to ask some hard lifestyle questions and change your behavior.   The old saying of “you are what you eat” very much applies. You may want to opt for a healthier diet with fresh food found in your health-focused fridge.
  • Will you look for new furniture? You may have accepted or been unaware of the many hazardous materials found in furniture, carpet, floor finishes, cabinets, etc. See more on this serious issue in other SHGLiving’s articles on the hazards of VOC or volatile organic compounds. Check out “Build Your Own Sustainable Furniture This Weekend“.

Stepping Into Your New Year

As we step into 2021 think about what changes you want to make in your home and in your life. Understand your consumer power. Find a new beginning in the way you evaluate purchases. Think about how to express them in the actions including purchases you take every day.  There is no one-fits-all playbook.  Take a page out of the many and rather different lifestyle solutions presented by the hosts on SHGLiving.  Observe your reactions as you watch the variety of approaches in their homes and gardens.

See where you can be a part of the solution.  Parents will often tell you they want to leave a better world for their children.  Doing it requires actions from new thinking.  It requires implementation every day. Create choices that make you a part of the solution. Lead by example. See you in the new year! Let’s make 2021 a great year with a new beginning!