A Happy Saturday From Relaxation With Water

A Happy Saturday From Relaxation With Water
February 22, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

Here is one way to get into a happy Saturday experience: Take a soaking tub, with perhaps relaxing jazz or other soaking tub music in the background. It might just be the quintessential way to relax.  Depending on your climate, if you are an outdoor personality, your first choice might be an outdoor garden tub.  It’s a great way to connect with nature. The goal is to take a soak to rinse off workweek tension and stress in order to launch into a relaxed happy Saturday.


As humans, our connection with water is fundamental. In the words of marine biologist Callum Robert

“…People have a deep emotional connection to water….our relationship with the sea stretches back through time …all the way to the origins of life itself. We are creatures of the ocean.”

Therefore, it seems natural to create beautiful experiences with water in our homes and on our properties.

The Japanese Zen tradition leads the way with century-old bathing ceremonies. The Japanese bath has a soaking tub at its center. In the Zen wellness tradition, the soaking tub ritual is said to purify and stimulate the blood. But does it need to be a soaking tub? Should it be set outdoors?

Different Ways to A Happy Saturday

SHG Living’s Chibi Moku’s interviews of a great many architects and designers present several interesting points of view on the topic of soaking tubs in master bathrooms, outside garden tubs, Jacuzzis, and outdoor showers.

In “go green” production the architect talks about the waterfront setting as the driving design concept for the entire house.  The close connection to the site’s spectacular waterfront setting inspired an outdoor hot tub. The concept: Drop into the bubbles and connect to the land, the rocks, and the water.

In another presentation, we see a pool and shower right on top of the roof, one of the prime views of the water. In this new, super modern home the connection is not one with the earth, but rather with the ocean. Hop into the jacuzzi tub, soak, and enjoy the view of the water.

The “Hollywood Hills” video once again celebrates outdoor environments.  But given the tight lot, this time, space is once again provided on the rooftop.  In this setting, the outdoor or garden tub morphs into an outdoor shower.

In yet another Miami property ChibiMoku introduces us to a small pool complete with fountains to create serenity from southing sounds of water.  This house includes perhaps the most often found and common thinking of a spa-like retreat which is inside a luxurious indoor master bathroom suite. The soaking tub sits as a visual focal point in front of a series of windows.

Surfing Through Homes

It is a lot of fun to explore all of these different points of view and solutions on SHG Living.  Which one do you relate to most? Which story, and/or which design solutions would you love to bring into your life? It is not often to have easy access to the world’s top architects and designers in one place. Getting to “surf around” fabulous homes is a treat and a great way to tease out your personal interests.

Invitation To Explore Yourself

Viewers will note one fundamental aspect to the homeowners presented in the ChibiMoku series.  All of these properties were created with great care independent of styles, sizes, and geographic locations. The architects and designers worked with their clients, likely over many months of planning, to identified the emotional feeling their clients wanted to achieve.  As one designer put it…

” … we strive for our homes to nurture and relax you…to exhale at the end of the day.”

Based on these features, it appears that getting into a relaxed, happy Saturday, or a happy weekend feeling can be achieved with a variety of fixtures. Site conditions influence the decision as to whether the outdoor garden tub, the soaker tubs, or even the outdoor shower are the best solutions.  Central to the fulfillment of the homeowners’ desires is the wish to translate their emotional desires and connections. Water appears to be the essential element whether the final choice leads a homeowner to a garden tub, soaker tub or outdoor shower, or other bathroom fixture.

What is your preferred water feature for your dream house? Have fun with your exploration of how to best get yourself into a happy Saturday, relaxed and happy state of mind.


Photo by Laura Chouette