Gentle Yoga In A Tiny House

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Might you be interested in a tiny house?  What’s behind this big trend? What does a tiny house offer? Hear from one enthusiastic homeowner of a tiny house that she had custom-designed for her lifestyle that is centered around gentle yoga in her tiny house.

Watch Vina’s Tiny House on California Architecture & Design, streaming on Smart Healthy Green Living

Vina’s Tiny House in California Architecture and Design by  Chibi Moku on Smart Healthy Green Living explains what this alternative lifestyle is all about:

                     “Freedom, no debt, living free of many possessions, and “stuff.”

Watch this tiny house owner describe how her tiny house came about in her life and the big effect it has had on her life is compelling. The design of her tiny house even affords space to practice her gentle yoga. Whether it ultimately is a choice you would make or not, you come away thinking:

“…I want to have the clarity and thirst for life of this tiny house owner. I need to find theright answers and the right physical surroundings for myself.”

Vina explains that she views her connection to her life, her surroundings, her environment differently as a result of living in her tiny house.  She feels more alive. She explains that she lives a less introverted, or self-focused lifestyle.  Vina feels more connected to the outside space and the people around her. WOW!

3 Surprising Custom Design Solutions

Vina’s tiny house was carefully and professionally designed. Nothing is accidental. Nothing is arbitrary. The design process distilled her priorities into conscious selections. Everything springs from deliberate decisions. For example, this tiny house owner clearly defined space for her gentle yoga practice as essential to her alternative lifestyle. To provide sufficient room for her gentle yoga practice the design arrived at a moveable, multi-functional tabletop.

In other words, the careful design of all the many elements makes this tiny house highly functional. Every inch is used. For example, inside the common kitchen cabinet toe kick is a drawer for tools like a hammer, nails, pliers, picture hangers, and more.

Here is another surprise. Instead of hiding away functional, utilitarian, everyday items, they are displayed and celebrated. Open floating shelves display folded beautiful linens. Visually, the use of open shelves over closed cabinets lightens the space overall. A large double surfaced floating desk provides a fantastic workspace and, simultaneously offers sleek storage space.

Journey To Your Right Living Solution

Allowing oneself to really think through one’s life priorities is as valuable as the end product. It takes courage to reinvent one’s life.  Just to ask the question:  What do I want in my life requires self-awareness and a willingness to make changes. Being truthful with oneself is the foundation. From there, it takes raw courage.

To start you on your discovery of the right alternative lifestyle for you, watch the variety of alternatives on SHG Living – from ChibiMoku’s series, California Architecture & Design, Containing Luxury, as well as Modern Builds’ School Bus to Tiny House. Let the process take it where it may.  It may be a big or small lifestyle change. It may lead you to a big or tiny house with cool designs. Enjoy your discoveries. Enjoy the journey to finding the perfect living solution for you.