House To Home – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Do you feel motivated to take on a home renovation? What is motivating you? And, most importantly, what is your benefit at the end of the day? To answer these important questions, the documentary team, Chibi Moku, interviews architects, designer, and their clients in their numerous series on Smart Healthy Green Living. In the process, the homeowners reveal the core motivation for taking on their substantial home improvement projects. In their comments, they lay open the fundamental human aspect to design and home remodel.

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In the series, California Architecture and Design on SHG Living, we see homeowners with a variety of homes telling their stories. In the process of describing their interactions with the designer, architect, and contractors they reveal what really motivated them in the process. And this is where the really inspiring insights lie. It becomes clear why it’s worth it to take the time and to make the effort working with architects and designers, sometimes over the course of months, to extrapolate and distill out one’s desires and goals.

Design Styles For House To Home Renovations

From a contemporary home to a craftsman bungalow, to a Santorini-inspired renovation/ expansion to a Napa Valley ranch house compound, to a mid-century modern home and more all of these homeowners undertook large-scale renovation projects. It becomes clear that home improvement done right is never about any given style. It is about the journey of finding what resonates within each of us, our sensibilities and imaginations. As the SHG Living viewer, you get to relate and test your personal reactions to these many different styles – try it on, for a moment, if you will. Hear what connects these homeowners to certain styles and design choices.  In this process, you get to see what sounds right to you. Through this fun, entertaining, and insightful journey you will discover the only style that matters and motivates you – YOURS!

House To Home – How Does It Happen?

Taking on a comprehensive home improvement project comes with a degree of life flow disruptions.  In most instances, these homeowners had to move out of their homes while their contractors worked to create their visions. But these homeowners are willing to go through this disruptive, home renovation phase because they know of the pay-out at the end – a house that reflects and fits them. This is the shift from house to home.

The designer of the mid-century modern home put it this way.  She said

“….at the root is the question of how does a house make you feel. It’s not cognitive.”

In other words, it is emotional. Whether we actively choose or not, unavoidably and inescapably our homes are reflections of our lives, ourselves.  These homeowners took the next step to actively find and design their emotionally fulfilling spaces. Kudos to them and their architects and designers to guide them.

When your surroundings are out of step, they are like old worn clothes.  It no longer feels good.  There is no fit. When your surroundings are in step, they fit like a glove and it is HOME. The Joy of Life flows through the spaces and it flows through YOUR life. That is the choice and the power of home improvement. Improve your Home – Improve your Life!

Design Inspirations To Find This Joy Of Life

It is no accident that the designer of a contemporary home started with her client’s watercolor. The watercolor is a direct expression of this homeowner.  You can feel this homeowner’s joy of life flowing into every stroke in this artwork.  To tap into this feeling, in fact, extended it out throughout and across her house is powerful and beautiful. Kudos to this designer.

Living enriched, creative and fulfilling lives has to start with our own four walls.  What is your vision for your life?  The answer to this question and the translation of it is the mark of truly cool designs.

To crystalize your dreams and desires into “bricks and mortar” start watching the plethora of dream homes, design styles, tips, and constructive product information on the new home improvement streaming service, SHG Living.  You will see, it is a fun, easy, and critical step on your journey toward creating your dream home. Home improvement is really about you and your interest and courage of investing in yourself.