Backyard Chilling and Grilling in 2021

Backyard Chilling and Grilling in 2021
November 1, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

The 2021 extreme weather patterns throughout the United States and all of Europe bring home the well-established saying of “keep your friends and family close”. What’s better than chilling and grilling with everybody in your backyard.  Barbecuing always attracts people. You could start with a plain grill.  But let’s check out how you can create an outdoor grill station and/or full-blown outdoor kitchen DIY.

Space Limitations

Perhaps you immediately think you do not have enough space.  All you have is an outdoor porch area or small casita/terrace and a tiny backyard. This is exactly what SHG Living’s Brent BYOT tackled for one of his clients.  Brent’s solution is genius.  It hits multiple solutions.  Not only does his grilling station have all the super practical elements of a usable countertop, and built-in cabinets, the counter also provides screening to the close-by neighbor.

Furthermore, it is exactly the tight space that brings everybody together into the chilling and grilling experience. Instead of being sections off into separate spaces, Brent’s porch / tight casita space brings everyone into one area.

Chilling And Grilling Is Affordable

Don’t sweat the cost of Brent’s kind of grilling station.  Brent reveals all of the necessary products and guides you through the installation step by step. Brent bought custom-made aluminum frames, metal cabinets, and a large commercial-grade outdoor grill to put it all together.

While Brent is an experienced carpenter, you might want to hire a plumber to make the final gas connections to the grill just to be sure.

Brent made the concrete counter – a great DIY project – and he troweled on a concrete finish to the vertical walls of this grilling station. He finishes off the walls with white paint made specifically to go over masonry. What’s great is that Brent describes the dos and don’ts of each installation step.  Having this kind of roadmap complete with product information is priceless. It gets you to your chilling and grilling that much faster.

Additional Outdoor Furniture Creations

Or course, people will want to sit to hang out too.  Watch SHG Living’s Ben’s HomeMadeModern and see how he builds a great outdoor lounge chair.

If a hammock or a porch swing is more your speed, Ben hooks you up as well.  His porch swing starts with an old satellite dish. It is Ben’s way of ups cycling “junk” in the face of so many material shortages.

These SHG Living creatives show us that there are many ways of chilling and grilling.  They use their building expertise to time and again turn out fabulous home improvement projects for everyone to enjoy.  Watch them and feel inspired to tackle your home improvement projects.