Be Adventurous With Concrete

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What’s your next DIY project? How about venturing into the world of concrete. Here are some ways to be adventurous with concrete.

We think of concrete as a material for hard-core construction. Foundations, walkways, and driveways come to mind.  But actually, concrete is a fantastic material to get into cool fabrications. While it is heavy, it comes in manageable dry bags. It is easily available in all big box home improvement stores.  Bags are easy to load into your car to transport back to your home compared to large sheets of CDX plywood, for example.

In Psychology Today, Dr. Sally Augustin writes

“Completed projects can provide the DIY-ers with a feeling of satisfaction with a “job well done” that becomes almost addictive”.

To get you starting in thinking about your concrete creations here are four suggestions from the SHG Living creatives:

(1)Unexpected Backyard Terrace Design

Concrete Pavers designed by Ben Uyeda for HomeMade Modern.

Is your backyard terrace in need of a more modern, updated touch?  SHG Living’s Homemade Modern, Ben Uyeda has you covered.  He creates geometric concrete pavers with a smooth concrete texture and integral planters.  Depending on the size of your project you will pour many.  But Ben’s silicone molds allow you to do so easily and over time. Just follow along and stop when you think your new garden design has a new, fresh, modern-looking geometric, fun design made from simple smooth concrete texture pavers and planters. Your terrace will have a super cool modern designer touch and you feel great and super adventurous with concrete.

(2)DIY Disguises Using Concrete

Every house has unsightly utility installations.  A concrete boulder might be the right answer to cover and hide it.  Instead of a smooth concrete texture, this DIY concrete project starts out with wire mesh which gets crimped into the desired organic shape.  Smear a few concrete layers over the mesh and see how your concrete boulder starts to take shape. This is so easy and fun, why not get the kids involved?  From crayons to concrete smears – it’s so much fun!  To integrate the boulder into the landscape Ben uses a little sand from the spot where he plans to install the boulders.  The touch of terra earth makes them look natural in the desert landscape. The right concrete texture of your boulder is also important. A little color might also add to a natural look. Just think of what textures and colors are in the space that surrounds your boulders.

(3)Lighting Fixtures Made From Concrete

Are you in need of new kitchen lights, perhaps pendants over your kitchen island? How about concrete pendants made from two plastic soda bottles? Or, how about starting with a tabletop lamp made from a couple of fruit bowls? – yes, Ben uses through-away items to perfectly shape the pour.  All of these projects are pretty straightforward, easy to make, and fun!

(4)Concrete Outdoor Kitchen

Perhaps the summer months made you yearn for an outdoor kitchen.  A good outdoor kitchen has a big outdoor prep counter. Concrete counters are a perfect answer.  To boot, the look of a concrete countertop is really in vogue today.  Concrete counters are a great DIY project. Create curved or straight table tops in any size, shape, and any concrete texture. Be adventurous.

For inspiration and how-to advice check out Robin Lewis outdoor kitchen.  Robin shows you not only how to install a concrete counter. He also works with purchased concrete boards to create doors in his outdoor kitchen. Concrete counters will develop a “fun patina”, as Robin calls it. Let the concrete age and stain. It’s all part of the fun.

Concrete Coffee Table

Have you been searching for the right coffee table and just have not found the right size or look and feel?

Modern Builds, Mike Montgomery shows you step by step how to build an easy-to-build, custom concrete coffee table. His round coffee table has a high-end, designer look. He uses gold inlay for that extra touch. In a separate video, Mike also presents a cool concrete fire table. AND, don’t miss his super interesting concrete strength test with white concrete. He also touches upon concrete texture as an important element in concrete. Learn about the kind of amendments that might work best for your concrete adventures to be successful.

Be adventurous with concrete. You don’t have to go it alone. Get inspirations and guidance from the creatives on SHG Living. It is a fast-track to unlocking your creativity and create cool designs in and around your home.  From upgraded garden design to delicate interior objects.  Take them on. Be