Living Close As Neighbors

Living Close As Neighbors
July 18, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

In many urban and suburban communities, lot sizes are small.  People are living close as neighbors. At the same time, outdoor spaces, backyards are used more than ever.  What used to be a grill is now often a full outdoor kitchen.  Naturally, you want to have privacy to enjoy your backyard space with your family and friends.

We know the saying “fences make good neighbors”.  In years past low picket fences were the way homeowners delineated the boundary of their properties.  And yes, picket fences are still around but today’s fences are dominated by privacy fences.

Fence Trends When Living Close As Neighbors

heck out the many fabulous backyards in SHG Living’s ChibiMoku series. You will see a variety of different modern fence solutions. The style of today’s fences is different than even a few years ago. Trendy, modern style fences have a variety of vertical and also horizontal boards.

There are traditional-looking fences and modern-looking patio fences. Traditional patio fences often had a lower vertical fence section with either open vertical slats or a decorative trellis of sorts on top. Modern fences are mostly made of only horizontal boards. They feature a uniform pattern and are not broken into sections. Today’s modern patio fence has a simple linear design.

How To Build A Quality Patio Fence

Even though fencing is pretty straightforward, I am always surprised just how much fencing contractors can charge. So why not build one yourself!  Building a patio fence is a great DIY weekend project. SHG Living’s Robin Lewis shows you step by step how to build a modern quality privacy fence. Robin builds a beautiful modern patio fence because he lives close as neighbors.  Its purpose is to screen out a neighbor. He shows you how to build a modern-looking, effective privacy fence.   Robin also shows you what you want to do to make your fence last – he recommends to paint, or stain wood board ends to seal the end grains of your wood planks.

In other words, you cut sections of wood to the right lengths and before you nail them in place you want to seal the end grains of your wood planks because end grains are where water will get into the wood over time and where the planks will rot. This detail will likely provide years more of enjoyment of your DIY fence.

Modern Fences Are No Local Phenomenon

Note the universal look of patio fences – Robin Lewis lives and works in Australia. From the US to Europe, to Australia, creating fences as a result of living close with neighbors appears to be common, or shall we say universal home improvement. The modern horizontal wood planks are furthermore today’s definite patio fence style of choice around the continents. Be a bit adventurous in your design.

Landscape designers may recommend planting a couple of small trees or shrubs in front of the new patio fence and create some visual dimensionality.  Perhaps uplight the plantings and let part of the light spill onto the patio fence.  The right kind of patio fence adds a lot to your overall backyard landscape design and, most importantly,  it makes living close as neighbors a happy experience.

Photo by Sui Yun