What Inspires You For Your Next DIY Project?

What Inspires You For Your Next DIY Project?
November 1, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

Watching the creatives on SHGLiving. For sure, these makers know their subjects. They convey their installations with lots of spirit and wit to make the whole experience entertaining. UnliWatching the variety of styles and projects will reveal to you just what inspires you. So let’s dive in.

Popcorn Ceilings

Over the years, one of the most desirable upgrades to make a home more modern, as in ready for today’s living, has got to be the removal of popcorn ceilings.  When you watch SHGLiving’s host Adam Vandergrift of HAXMAN take on the removal of his popcorn ceilings you learn how to do it.  He has a great sense of humor and you find out just how easy this job is, once you know the right way to tackle it. Adam who has 20 years of custom furniture and cabinetwork makes it look super easy and really not as messy as you might think. Would such an easy-to-do DIY project be what inspires you?

What Inspires You In Your Garage

There are really only three things to a garage – walls, the floor, and the garage doors. Let’s talk garage floor. SHGLiving’s Brent from BYOT shows you how to install an epoxy floor in your garage.   While Brent takes you through a bunch of “grunt” prep work, he also reveals the most important test to find out if your garage floor is a candidate for an epoxy resurfacing.

SHG Living’s Adam Vandergrift of HAXMAN creates a feature wall with a peel and stick product to make the whole wall look like a wood-sided wall. He shows you just how easy this material is to cut and install.  Is doing a project with your kids is what inspires you? Adam brings in his daughters to help him with this project. In other words, this project is fun for the whole family.

Up With The Flagpole Or Maybe Not

Would installing a flagpole be what inspires you into a DIY project? Installing a flagpole is definitely a man’s project.  I have yet to see a woman go wild over the installation of a flagpole.  For Mike Montgomery of Modern Build, this is the perfect July 4th DIY project to tackle together with his dad.  The two are clearly having fun putting it all together.  Even super strong wind does not deter these two.

I believe women are much more excited about RobinLewis’ closet shelving project. His pine shelving system which he built as a fit-out to an existing closet creates a super functional and beautiful hall linen closet. One detail that makes RobinLewis’s closet system look so elegant is the routed-out channels for the horizontal boards.  Less experienced woodworkers than Robin would likely install cleats as supports for the horizontal shelves. So learn from this high-end cabinet maker for your next woodworking projects.

So there you have it – lots of DIY weekend projects that you can easily do when following SHG Living’s DIY experts. There are so many more inspirations for your home to check out on SHGLiving.  The only question that remains is: What inspires you to take on your next home improvement project. Keep watching!


Photo by Ruthie Schuster