Build Your Own Sustainable Furniture This Weekend

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Making sustainable furniture with your own hands is a really satisfying experience.  It’s a great counterpoint to the abstract digital world that surrounds us. Make it one of your fun weekend projects.

Get inspired by 4 different designers/woodworkers from around the globe on Smart Healthy Green Living. These experts share their cool design ideas and DIY building tricks in an easy to follow, step-by-step way.

Instead of just looking at various tables, these talented DIY’ers show you how to plan and build their sustainable furniture. It’s refreshing to hear of their different thinking and approaches, even their failures along the way show you how to succeed. These SHG Living designers demonstrate that it does not need to take a lot of money. Learn about sources for eco-friendly building materials that can be ordered online, and be shipped directly to your house – how convenient! This is the first step toward really cool designs. Get in touch with your joy of life making sustainable furniture can create in your life.

Today’s Trends In Sustainable Furniture Wood Tables And So Much More

A dining room table used to be the centerpiece in a formal dining room. Hardwoods and fancy inlay work were the hallmarks of a great dining room table. Sadly, it would only be used once or twice a year and the table would usually it would then be covered by a fancy table cloth. If your space allowed it, you might add a more casual breakfast table in the kitchen area. The more informal open concept living lifestyle has moved the dining room table right into the open kitchen, family room dining area space. This shift also changed the style of yesterday’s dining room table to the look that goes with your family’s lifestyle.

Every house has space limitations. That’s why a custom table, which allows you to make maximum use of the available space without crowding the space is usually the best approach. Let space dictate the shape and style.  It may lead you to a round breakfast table, a long farmhouse kitchen table, a narrow dining table. Hanging out at your table means it feels right and functions as an anchor to your home.

SHG Living’s Experts: Today’s Eco-friendly Building = Natural Materials 

HomemadeModernBen Uyeda is a designer for affordable sustainable furniture.  In one video he shows how to build a minimal and modern steel and plywood table. He dives deep into the design and pricing process and explains, why the CDX plywood top was his client’s final choice. Ben believes

design is about communicating how and why something should be made.”

In a third show, Ben shows how to build a table entirely out of CDX plywood, and in a third video, ModernBuilds features a dining room table made in part out of different types of skateboards. Yes, you read correctly – different types of skateboards! Cool designs that are so much FUN!

Watch “How To Build a HIGH QUALITY Dining Table with LIMITED TOOLS” from Modern Builds on Smart Healthy Green Living.

ModernBuilds, Mike Montgomery, builds a table with a live edge slab and epoxy – a different and eye-catching tabletop. In another show, he takes us through a build of a wood dining table with metal legs. He reveals fabulous hardwood planks sourced online – so no trouble during COVID confinements! –  and he shows us his own, special custom line of finishes.

RobinLewisMakes comes to SHG Living from Australia. He works with woods he finds or gets from friends from fallen trees and discarded furniture. Robin presents his technique for steam bending two different wood species to create a curved and striped effect with wood – craftsmanship at its best! His round breakfast table is stunning. You will want one.

Watch “How to sand a table for beginners” from Eternal Harvest Home Decor on Smart Healthy Green Living.

Eternal Harvest Home DecorBrandi gets you right into some must-know technical details. She shows you how to use a router in one video and, in another, she takes a deep dive into sanding a tabletop so that even beginners achieve the perfect finish. Naturally, no pun intended, you will want to use VOC free paint or stains. It’s all in the finish, as the saying goes…

Have fun watching these wonderful experts as they share their projects from the beginning planning stages to the finish. Benefit from their insights and feel inspired to take on and build the perfect table or other sustainable furniture pieces for your family, your home, and your lifestyle. Feel the joy of life that springs from making sustainable furniture with cool designs with your very own hands.