Coffee Table with Storage – Is It A Great Idea?

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People often say “…the more storage the better”.  But is it a good idea to have a coffee table with storage? Perhaps in a really small space where every inch counts. Storage or no storage, let’s contemplate a few other important features to determine the right coffee table for your home.

Cool design ideas for your coffee table

Over the years I have asked many people about what a coffee table should provide.  Yes, most people want to have “some more function.”  Outside of drawer hide-away space, there are other important considerations to get the coffee table that functions well for you and your space and looks really “cool”.

Is your coffee table male or female? Women and men view the use of a coffee table differently.  Women generally use a coffee table decoratively with flowers and other display items.

Check out the beautiful flower arrangements by Kelly Williams on My Soulful Home, which is now streaming on Smart Healthy Green Living, the new home improvement streaming service and app. Kelly teaches you the art of floral design through step-by-step tutorials. In other words, the concept of a coffee table is clearly decorative and female.

 By contrast, men, view a coffee table as a place to put down a drink and/or coffee AND their feet.  Am I right? I would love to hear about your experience.

The Spice Of Life is Variety

The shape. Is a round coffee table, an oval coffee table, or a square coffee table best?

The designer in me says…it depends.  Sometimes an oval coffee table is the best choice since people can flow around oval shapes easily. Then again, a square coffee table might anchor the space just right, or around the coffee table offsets an angular furniture arrangement. Bottom line: let space dictate the shape of the perfect coffee table.

Learn how to make this table on a recent episode of Modern Builds on SHG Living. (Photo Courtesy of Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds.)

Designer and builder, Mike Montgomery of SHG Living’s Modern Builds, builds two fabulous mid-century modern-inspired round wood coffee tables. One winds up to be a  black coffee table, a less common choice but perfect for the right space.

Modern Builds’ designs inspire you to build furniture yourself. This is exactly Mike’s goal.  Watching a video is worth a thousand words. Mike shows you,

simple enough builds that any beginner maker can create, yet interesting enough that any expert might be inspired.”

Australia’s Robin Lewis Makes’s coffee table design uses recycled old bed boards from South Africa – yes, you read correctly – South Africa. Robin’s super creative, sustainable way to build so many wonderful furniture pieces also presents a coffee table with storage in his multi-level coffee table.  Do you have some pieces of wood laying around in your workshop? Recycling and re-fabricating beautiful materials into new furniture are what Robin Lewis does so creatively. Check out his show.

Start watching the many, inspirational shows when, where, and on what device you have with you to figure out your next project.

Is a marble coffee table the best choice?

The top surface of the coffee table is visually one of the most important elements.  While the legs do play a role, the top is the dominant feature.  So really think about the top surface.  Ask yourself, do I want an easy-to-maintain surface? Does the look override wear-and-tear considerations?

Marble and especially a white marble coffee table looks spectacular. But be aware, marble stains quickly from acidic fluids. This includes coffee, wine, citrus.  So, if you want to avoid coffee stains on your marble coffee table, think again, though I will say a beautiful white slab of marble the likes of which you see in some of the Italian tables is gorgeous.

By far, glass coffee tables are the most common.  Designers will select a glass coffee table to make the table more “transparent” or less bulky-looking.  On the flip side, this may also mean you might bang into it a bit more than would like.  Certainly, a glass coffee table will take a lot of use and is easy to clean.

Clearly, when it comes to the “right” coffee table, there are a number of decisions to make.  Figure out what you consider cool designs for your coffee table. The use, the style, surfaces, and materials, and, of course, cost vary widely. Before you start your project watch the many entertaining and informative shows by the designers and builders on Smart Healthy Green Living. Download the app or start streaming it today.  Then have fun making yours!