Harmony Reigns in a Healthy Garden

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You will absolutely love your garden when harmony reigns in your outdoor oasis. We all know harmony is a feeling. While many gardeners speak of their satisfaction that comes from a healthy garden, others speak about organically grown veggies, SHG Living’s Tanya Anderson, host Lovely Greens takes this a step further.

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She feels that harmony reigns in her garden from the fact that her yummy garden feeds more than people.  She describes her deep satisfaction that her garden is a way more comprehensively nurturing place on the planet. In addition to food for people, Tanya’s garden attracts bees and butterflies. It feeds birds and even a woodchuck, AND Tanya receives steady, year-after-year food from her perennial vegetables.  In other words, harmony resigns in Tanya’s garden from a feeling of being connected to the planet at large. For Tanya it is a steady cycle-of-life, nurturing holistic experience she is a part of and only one part of.

Harmony Reigns from Organically Grown Vegetables

It’s been said that a healthy garden has a variety of plantings. This starts with rich organic soil and ends with healthy, nurturing organically grown fruit and vegetables. As a gardener, you love your garden when it produces great food.  You walk through your garden, pick yummy fruits and veggies, and if fact you may even call it your yummy garden. But there might even be more to this experience.

Love Your Garden and Your Perennial Vegetables

SHG Living’s garden expert Tanya Anderson from the Isle of Man, part of the British Isles, and expands this vision. She suggests another dimension to your garden.  Gardeners don’t often think about perennial vegetables. In her recent “Edible Perennial Gardening” video, Tanya presents another dimension.  She takes you through her edible perennial vegetables.  Perennial vegetables? Yes, though Tanya points out it does require milder zones 5-8 to grow perennial vegetables.  Naturally – no pun intended – perennial vegetables need to survive colder winter temps.

Artichokes are just one of many perennial vegetables you can plant in your garden for years of edible enjoyment.

Artichokes are just one of many perennial vegetables you can plant in your garden for years of edible enjoyment. Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

There are more perennial vegetables than you might think of. Tanya grows familiar veggies like certain varieties of beans, asparagus, okra, Welch onions (one of Tanya’s favorite perennial vegetables), giant chives,  a variety of cauliflower, strawberries, black and red currents, and more as steady perennial vegetables in her healthy garden. In a way, these perennial vegetables form the framework or foundation of Tanya’s yummy garden.

Love your Garden for its Fruits and Berries

Naturally, fruit trees like apple and pear trees come to mind. And again, since Tanya created a garden where balance and harmony reigns she deliberately leaves behind some fruits and berries for the birds to pick. While most gardeners think of birds and other animals as adversaries Tanya welcomes them into her gardening experience. It satisfies her to leave food for other animals.  Her bountiful and yummy garden produces so much food that there is plenty of food for all.  That is when harmony reigns.

Love your Garden for its Medicinals

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Finally, Tanya’s garden has one more nurturing dimension: Tanya grows herbs and edible plants.  While edible plants garnish gorgeous summer salads, many herbs, roots, and plants like lavender, chamomile, and peppermint become ingredients in Tanya’s

cosmetics. She makes everything from soaps, bath oils to skin toners, and southing lotions. Check out Tanya’s upcoming book A Woman’s Garden – Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things.

Tanya has found her “spice of life” She feels emotionally anchored in her garden in a more existential way. She plain loves her garden. It comes through in every one of the practical how-to garden videos. Watch them on SHG Living, the new home improvement streaming service. You will come away with knowledge and inspiration.

So before you create your healthy garden and/or your yummy garden, think about all the many staples – from perennial vegetables, fruit and berries, herbs, and edible flowers.  Give yourself the same type of existentially satisfying gardening experience Tanya derives from her healthy garden.  Create a garden that is connected to the cycle of life, animals, and the planet at large – one where harmony reigns.