Your Summer Harvest

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Summer Harvest is when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor – literally. It’s also a great time to sit back and admire the cool designs we’ve created in the garden. It’s time at reflect on all the learning experiences over the past few months. How do you improve your summer harvest?  You might want to check out the sustainable gardening experts on Smart Healthy Green Living.

Summer harvest time is a busy time in vegetable gardens and around berry bushes. It is so satisfying to go through your garden treasures and pick ripe, mouth-watering fruit and vegetables for you, your friends, and your family.  Cucumbers, melons, peppers, eggplants, sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, berries, and sweet corn are just so yummy and fresh during your summer harvest.

Bring your Kids into the Summer Harvest Experience

Having a vegetable garden at your home and/or in your neighborhood is a wonderful experience for kids. I remember running around rows of peas in our neighbor’s garden.  They seemed so high. We were picking and eating many – sweet and wonderful!  Another neighbor grew and pickled the most spectacular pumpkins.  All the kids, in the neighborhood, ask to have some – her place was one of the favorite go-to places every year around the summer harvest. So many good memories around the garden treasures of Mother Earth.

While harvesting, most gardeners are already thinking ahead to the next season.  Gardening is a learning experience. Let the garden experts on SHG Living provide many useful tips – from early in the season to summer harvest. Find tips on organic gardening, container gardening, garden design, and more.

3 Fabulous Organic Gardening Series on SHG Living

Summer harvest is the time when you know how well your efforts of hopefully organic soil preparations, watering, and general fertilization, and pest control went throughout the season.

CaliKim’s CaliKim Garden & Home DIY series comes from southern California.  California homes often have smaller gardens.  But this does not limit CaliKim’s organic gardening. She shows you in simple steps how you can grow flowers and all sorts of veggies in an urban garden.  This season, CaliKim presented her container garden series, complete with her strawberries container garden. From simple ways of making compost tea to a vertical trellis with cool designs for her containers, CaliKim explains that growing veggies vertically will not only utilize the space more but also benefit the plants by allowing more airflow around it – I should have paid closer attention to my cantaloupes – a learning experience for sure – next season!

Cool Design Trellis in Container

CaliKim brings some pretty cool designs into her container gardening with these simple branches to create a trellis.

Chibi Moku’s show takes vertical gardening a step further.  Vertical gardening is a relatively new twist on cool designs inside and outside your home. Designed right, vertical gardens can have lush green and flowering plants. Veggies are just as easy to install in irrigated vertical gardening systems. Hear from the designers themselves what’s important to get right. Learn from their expertise so your vertical gardening effort will be a rousing success right from the start.

Finally, following the summer harvests, in moderate to cool climates, you may have enough time to cool-temperature plants like spinach, lettuce, beets, and beans. Clean out the beds of the summer veggies, a.k.a. your summer harvest and get started on another round of more garden treasures – satisfying and healthy food – join the fun!