Gift Guide 2021 – Nurturing Body And Planet

Gift Guide 2021 – Nurturing Body And Planet
November 13, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

The Holiday Season is upon us.  What should we give our friends and loved ones? Here are (10) of my favorite non-toxic, natural, and health-focused gifts – all nurturing the body AND  the planet… perfect two-for-one gifts!

(1) Nurturing the Body With Healthy Food 

Price Range: $30-50

Have you ever wondered about where vegetables in the supermarket come from? Who knows what chemical fertilizers were actually applied? It’s a long way from the farm to the store.

Give a biodegradable container complete with seeds as a Holiday gift that gives all year long. Grow and eat your own produce. It’s a wonderful way to start living healthier.

SHG Living’s host Cali Kim makes it easy. Start with a couple of natural containers and her vegetable seed collection. Compact containers make this a perfect gift even for apartment dwellers.

(2) Host/Hostess Gifts

Price: $35-50

Retailers fill their stores with Holiday scents.  It’s part of the Season.  It creates the Christmas spirit. We enjoy it in our homes as well.  Votive candles are great host/hostess gifts to bring along to a Holiday Party. CAUTION: Do not give toxic candles. Most in fact contain really toxic materials which you do not want to give your friends and family. Look for healthy soy wax and pure essential oils with an unbleached cotton wick.

(3) Organic Cotton Bed Sheets And Towels

Price Range: $25-250

Diving into a bed with new cotton sheets at night is wonderful.  Best of all is the fresh smell without toxic chemicals. The same goes for natural cotton towels. This is one of those nurturing moments that you appreciate once you have been treated to it. So why not give your friends this slice of healthy luxury?

While there are several brands, the biggest is Coyuchi. Give them a try.

(4) The Gift of Getting a Green Thumb

Price: $35-50

Indoor plants improve the quality of indoor air. EPA says that indoor air quality can be five times worse than outdoor air! Not kidding.  It is well known that healthy indoor plants make us feel happy. So why not give your apartment dweller friends an indoor plant complete with a self-watering globe.s  Nurturing the plant correctly, I.e. watering it correctly is the key to getting a green thumb with plants.

Check out Adabocute’s clear glass birds and many other colored glass globes.

(5) Nurturing – Refinishing Wood Furniture

Price: $40

People are taking on home projects like never before.  This includes furniture refinishing. SimpleFinish was created by Ben, Chris, and Mike – two of whom are hosts on SHG Living with their shows ModernBuilds and HomeMade Modern.

SimpleFinish is a plant-based, non-toxic finish furniture finish. It feels good to make the furniture in your house look fresh and new.  It’s a fun thing to do. Just watch Mike and Ben’s many shows to learn how to create so many fun furniture projects.  It will definitely get you into the DIY spirit.

(6) Nurturing Showerhead – Nebia by Moen

Price: $200-275

Nebia has been on our gift list before – In fact we bragged about them even before Moen bought them.  It continues to be a winner.  They just won the prestigious IDSA Design Gold  (Industrial Design of America) Award!

Their proprietary water atomizing technology saves water while giving you a body nurturing experience.  And if a showerhead is not the right gift, check out their new faucets. Faucets and showerheads are the kinds of things we use every day.  While not make it a two-for-one gift: Nurturing the body and the planet.

(7) Nurturing Eyes -LED Reading Light

Price: $35-250

There has been a quiet and steady revolution going on in lighting. Today’s LED lights are so much better than the old, energy consumptive incandescent lights.  So here is the gift for an older person: an LED reading light.  It will lighten up their world nurturing their eyes and mind – guaranteed.

There are so many lights at all kinds of price points to choose from. One way is to go to Home Depot and select from their wide range of fixtures. You might just conclude that the incandescent lights in your house need to be replaced as well.  Do it! The resulting reduction in energy consumption is good for your wallet and is good for the planet.

(8) Water filter

Price: $100-350

Clean drinking water is a fundamental building block for our bodies.  A lot of people feel that their public water is good drinking water. Think again.  In order for the water to travel through copious lengths of water pipes, all water companies add a lot of chlorine to the water.

Chlorine is a harmful chemical. Check it out for yourselves and you will want to give all of your friends and families water filters.  There are many under-the-sink types of water filters.  A good place to find many is Home Depot. Give the gift of creating healthy water – gift the gift of nurturing the body.

(9) Mattress with 100% Organic Natural Materials

Price: $1400-1900 (queen)

Where do you spend more time than anywhere else? You guessed it: sleeping or on your mattress. Yes, this is a pricey gift. But to the people dearest to you, it is so worth it.

Commonly used latex breaks down over time. This is when it gives off gases, or so-called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While you cannot smell them, they have a negative effect on the body. It is simply a well-known fact.  So give your body the gift of a “natural everything” mattress and truly nurturing sleep.

Here is the leading certification you should look for to know that only natural materials are in fact in the mattress: GreenGuard Gold Certification, GOTS Certified Wool, GOTS Certified Cotton, USDA Organic Certified Latex, Eco-Institute Certified.

There are a number of companies that make non-toxic mattresses starting with online companies like PlushBeds, Avocado, Saatva, Eco Terra, Naturepedic, and others. Many let you try out their mattresses with some sort of return/replacement guarantee. This way ordering online will work out.

(10) The latest Small Appliance – Compost Machines


Are you looking to give a gift to give someone who has everything? Home Compost Machines are it,

New to the market this appliance is a gift nurturing your garden and Mother Earth – literally!  Simply put all of your kitchen scraps into the chamber at night and turn it on, much like your dishwasher after dinner.  It grinds the material into small compost bits which you can spread around your plants the next day.  It is sure to greatly reduce your garbage, so much so that you should ask your hauler for a cost reduction.

Vitamix and Lomi are the two compost machines to take a look at.

Use this Holiday gifting season as a step into YOUR more aligned way of living with and on this planet. Find simple and profound changes on SHGLiving/DoOneThing. Join us!

Photo by Valentin Petkov