Earth Clinic Check Up On Mother Earth

Earth Clinic Check Up On Mother Earth
August 4, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

Our planet needs a thorough check-up at an earth clinic.  Or, should I say the people living on planet earth need a check-up at the earth clinic.  Given the status of Mother Earth, this summer 2021, such a check cannot come soon enough. Why?

Question: What have Germany, Belgian, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, India, Pakistan, Italy, Poland, and Mexico in common?

                      Answer: Unprecedented and Catastrophic Flooding

Question: What do the State of Washington, California, Canada, Greece, Turkey, and Italy have in common?

                      Answer: Multiple and ever more powerful wildfires are leading to serious air quality issues in near and far places.

And then there is drought.  There are water shortages from the mid-west all the way to the West Coast.

This is what an earth clinic check will shed light on in the summer of 2021 across Mother Earth.

The New Reality Of The Amazon Rainforest

We used to rely on the Amazon to clean up our air pollution.  That appears to be a thing of the past.  Based on a study first published in Nature, Time Magazine published this article:

the Amazon Now Emits More Carbon Than It Absorbs. Can We Ever Reverse That Tipping Point?

Between the Amazon findings and the extreme weather patterns across the planet can we not agree that we have created an environmental nightmare on this planet?  The term “global warming” has sadly become a political football.  As a  result, little has been done in and by the leading industrial countries to improve conditions.

Mother Earth simply cannot afford even one more ecological disaster.  For example,  planet earth no longer can afford oil spills, drilling rig failures, shipping containers filled with dangerous chemicals that rolled off into the sea, train wrecks, and any number of other well-known calamities.

Earth Clinic Check Reveals Connected Planet

The idea that an environmental and/or health problem is happening elsewhere is absurd. Serious air pollution is happening in Minnesota as a result of the fires far away in Canada.  The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the globe. In the process methane gas is released into the air which is thirty times stronger than carbon dioxide. The Covid virus leaked out of a lab in China and rapidly spread across the globe. Everyone is affected everywhere. We are indeed living in a global environment.

We are all living on the same planet which means everyone is a stakeholder in this issue.  It is a binary choice: Are you a supporter of pollution, or are you willing to make changes. Start in your own home, in your own life patterns, with your own consumption habits:

Solutions – It Takes Everyone

So what are solutions we all need to think about? The SHG Living hosts show you many:

  1. Solar is perfect for individual buildings and homes.  Ashley Renne is a champion of solar, zero plastic living solutions, smart technology in her home to reduce overall energy consumption.  She shows you how everyone can implement her solutions in their homes.

2.  Passive House solutions are presented by Matt from RISE.  Anyone who is fortunate to build a new home should seriously check out this new standard of energy efficiency in homes. Check out 475 for building materials that are environmentally friendly and create a way more efficient house.

3. Air quality control in today’s houses.  Studies show that productivity goes up when we breathe fresh air during the day and when sleeping at night.  Given the poor outdoor air quality, Sabine Schoenberg, host of SabinesNewHouse builds her homes with a Zehnder ERV system.  “ERV” stands for energy recovery systems.  In other words, these are super-efficient systems. Once you spend time in an ERV air-filtration equipped house you will want to install in yours- guaranteed!

4. Better water management  – from dual water use toilets to smart irrigation systems. Both items are simply a must-have in any house today. Check out both video features and you will know why.

Start today! Think about your overall consumption of plastic goods. Give your home and garden your own earth clinic check-up. It’s a really good starting point to re-evaluate your contribution to Mother Earth.  Do you have habits that you can change? Example: wash out all plastic containers so that they will be recyclable. Do your kids really need a mountain of plastic toys? Can you reduce the number and type to more eco-friendly materials?

Let us know what other improvements you recently made. We would love to hear about them.