It’s A New Dawn In Paint

It’s A New Dawn In Paint
March 8, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

It’s a new dawn in paint and in home improvement. What should be on your roller for your next painting project? It’s a new dawn in smart healthy green awareness that extends to paint. COVID19 has given us a sense of greater vulnerability. We need to treat our bodies and lives more preciously. We should not take our health for granted. How does this translate into paint? Here is how:

When buying paint in the old days, the store clerk would ask you what “finish” you want – matt, eggshell, semi-gloss, or gloss.” Today, the conversation starts with “…what paint quality do you want?” This is a huge improvement. For only a few dollars/gallon more you can buy paint with no, or zero VOCs.

What are VOCs?

VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds”. What are they? Why are they so important to avoid?

VOCs are chemical compounds emitted into the air. Some people loosely refer to it as “the new car smell” – though I am happy to note that my recent new car no longer had this new smell. Why would you load up your home environment and your body with harmful chemicals? 

The tighter a structure, the more these chemicals are trapped inside. These particles become part of the air you/ we breathe. Sensitive people, the elderly, young people, and those who suffer from asthma, for example, instantly have a negative reaction. Science Direct reports

“Evidence suggests that … Indoor Air pollution…does contribute significantly to the risk of adverse respiratory health in children. Children spend the majority of their time indoors, mostly at home. Homes are built so that air exchange between the indoor and outdoor environments is minimized and there is a large range of pollution emission sources inside. For many pollutants, indoor concentrations regularly exceed those outdoors.”

This may sound dramatic but it is the reality. But in fact, there are lots of studies that show the harmful effects of off-gassing. It’s not a question of “if” but “how well” and “when” the body can no longer hold up to it – and then it is too late. 

Health – Make your Home Healthy

Don’t take your health for granted. Once your body is worn down and starts to react negatively to the chemical(s) it is usually too late. Your body will have a hard time recovering even a bit. This is why it is so important to be health-conscious before this serious body degradation occurs! It will happen – it’s a question of when not if it happens. COVID created a new dawn in the way we think about our bodies’ health and what can and over time likely will negatively affect it.

Keeping your house clean and dust-free is another important way to keep the air clean.  Smart robots that vacuum every day can be a big help. See “Smart Robot Vacuum For a Happy Weekend” to dive into more details to find the right one for you. It’s a new dawn in the way we can clean our homes.

Now that you understand a bit more about the harmful effects of off-gassing, do you really want to expose your baby to VOCs? The choice is so easy! Choose wisely at the big box and other paint stores. Choose VOC-free paint.

Differences Among Paint – It’s A New Dawn 

A simple choice like VOC-free/zero VOC paint is a huge step in the right direction for your body and towards a healthy home, healthy air, and healthy living. Shout out to Sherwin Williams for being at the forefront of paint technology. SW’s Harmony paint actively looks for VOC’s in the air to bind and neutralize pollutants in the air. It’s Sherwin William’s Harmony” paint.

Smart healthy green living breaks down into product choices and product decisions. As we create ever tighter homes for energy conservations, chemical off-gassing also get trapped inside.  Many such as paint are easily available and costs little more than the old, toxic material. How much is your health worth? Choosing VOC-free paint is a clear choice for the health and well-being of your body

Choosing the right products and materials for your home will have a huge impact on your health and well-being. Don’t take this lightly.  VOC-free paint is one example of home improvement products that are readily available today.

Why not make this a fundamental choice/shift in 2021. Your body will thank you!

Photo by Yoann Siloine