Bathroom Decor – 5 Impactful, Healthy Choices

Bathroom Decor – 5 Impactful, Healthy Choices
July 12, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

Bathroom Decor is rapidly changing. Post pandemic consumers list increased awareness around wellbeing, better health, and more aligned living-on-the-planet as priorities. Since bathrooms are the spaces in which we take care of our bodies, the design and fit-out of bathrooms with these aspirations in mind, are more important than ever.

Old, moldy, poorly vented, and lit bathrooms are really not providing a re-charging, positive, nor healthy experience. That’s why people are spending a lot of money on new and healthy bathroom decor today. Make the right selections for your next bathroom.

There are overwhelming amounts of product choices in bathroom products. In addition to design styles, there are important functional differences. Here are the top 5 stylish, eco-friendly, and money-saving bathroom products to make you fall in love with your bathroom:

(1)In-Floor Heating – Comfort Bathroom Decor

Bar none, radiant heat in your bathroom is the biggest touch of luxury. Instead of jumping from floor mat to floor mat in the winter in order to avoid icy-cold tile, heated floor tile makes you want to stand on the tile or stone floor.  Your feet and body will be toasty warm.  It is must-have bathroom decor.

Radiant floors are relatively easy to install. Systems like Schluter and NuHeat make it easy to distribute the heated, low-voltage wire around fixtures around the room. Install tile right over the wire. An electrician connects it to a small temperature control unit on the wall and done.

The energy consumption generally equals that of an incandescent light bulb. There is little need to install other heat in the bathroom if radiant flooring has been installed throughout the space. Therefore, in-floor radiant heat reduces energy consumption. Give yourself luxury and cost-efficiency with radiant floor heating.

(2) The Right Shower Head – Luxurious 

Let’s talk bath fixtures. The right kind of shower head is key to a luxurious shower experience. Do you feel guilty when you take a long shower? Fortunately, today there is no need to feel guilty about the enormous water consumption of many showerheads, or so-called rain heads. The technology in  Nebia, for example, provides an immersive shower experience while providing truly low water consumption.

Water is being atomized, or broken into droplets.  Multiple spray points douse the whole body with water. This is a great example of well-designed, must-have, functional bathroom decor that lets you start happily into your day every morning.

(3) Chlorine – Healthy Must-Have

Healthy bathroom decor actually starts at the entry point of water into your house. Today’s extensive use of chlorine in public water makes a filter system necessary. Chlorine is a known irritant to the eyes, lungs, and skin. 

The amount of chlorine in today’s water is rarely discussed but is a truly important topic when it comes to your health. Know Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) stats on chlorine.

Why do water companies even use it? Chlorine keeps down bacteria in waterlines.  While this is clearly needed, don’t trust water companies’ claims that only low amounts or non-harmful levels of chlorine are used. Install a water filtration system.

Check out SHG Living’s upcoming article on pools – saltwater pools vs. chlorine run pools. You won’t ever want to swim in anything but a saltwater pool – guaranteed!

(4) Dual Flush Toilets – Money Saving 

The next time you buy a toilet consider the purchase of a dual flush toilet.  While water consumption has steadily declined in toilet design – acknowledging that water is a precious resource – dual flush toilets provide important further reductions. 

This kind of better-designed bathroom decor saves you considerable money on your monthly water bill, and it is good for Mother Earth. Dual flush toilets are readily available at the big box stores and online. What’s not to love. For more details, check out SHG Living’s show Rise. Matt Daigle will convince you based on the savings alone!

(5) VOC-Free Paint – More Healthy Bathroom Decor

Paint is an obvious bathroom decor item. You may be thinking of color. And yes, color has impact. However,  selecting the right type of paint, or VOC-free paint to give yourself top air quality is even more important. EPA considers Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are serious health hazards and lists paint as one of the sources.

Specific bath and spa formulations are also important since these are designed for high-humidity environments.

Think about these five impactful bathroom decor choices for your next bathroom renovation.  Give yourself installations that are good for you, your family, and the planet. It’s a win-win