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Good Morning Beautiful

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Good morning beautiful” should be the response to ourselves every morning after a refreshing, luxuriating, and uplifting shower experience.  The overall feeling of well-being is a combination of a feeling of immediate personal well-being and being in harmony with the world around us.

Let’s take a closer look at how the right bathroom and, particularly, the right shower design can provide this feeling of well-being. It is a feeling of being able to say to yourself, “good morning, beautiful.”

A Secret In Bathroom Design

There are many trends in bathroom renovations.  Magazines are filled with many, mostly modern, trending bathroom designs to give you a “good morning beautiful” experience. From dark to light tile, custom vanities, fabulous soaking tubs, rain showers, dual showerheads in ever bigger showers.  Glass enclosures are getting bigger too. So-called curbless shower designs are among the latest innovation in showers.

However, there is one more important functional element in showers. One is rarely discussed, but it should be: The shower experience and the showerhead.

Most people would like a luxurious shower experience. To some, it means as much water from as many directions. This means big overhead rain heads with as many body sprays as possible. There is a new group emerging to whom it means a shower experience that incorporates more eco-conscious water consumption.

Eco-friendly, Green Values Are On The Rise

It’s worth noting that elaborate body spray systems are on the decline with consumers.  Consumers are more consumption conscious today.  Green, healthy, sustainability is increasingly important values with consumers.  These values translate into more eco-friendly product decisions. It should be noted that according to The Global Risk Report by the World Economic Forum.

“freshwater resources are under increasing demand from agriculture…. and (they are) under pressure from over-exploitation and pollution.”

Water Conservation And Fun

In former days, conserving water in showers meant water restrictors in showerheads, the kind you find most prevalently in hotels, for example. Live in a desert landscape where water is at a premium? Are you thinking about how sustainable living translates into your life? Are you wondering what goes into building a passive house? While you can take a shower, it is not a shower experience to make you feel fabulous. 

What if you could combine a luxuriating shower experience with water conservation? Nebia, the new shower head from Moen might be the answer.  The technology in Nebia atomizes water into microdroplets.  So no more guilt because of the amount of water used in the shower. With Nebia, you will use substantially less water while enjoying the shower experience.

Explore Bathroom Design Options

Before you dive into your bathroom renovation, check out the many bathrooms featured by ChibiMoku on SHG Living.  Specifically, catch the “Zen bathroom” on California Architecture & Design and other entertaining videos on very different bathroom designs as a way to explore what resonates with you. It’s easy, fun, and it puts you on the right path to your perfect bathroom renovation, which should lead you to your “good morning beautiful” shower experience.