The Best Is Yet To Come In Eco Friendly Building Design

The Best Is Yet To Come In Eco Friendly Building Design
June 13, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

Today, design and building materials can easily be eco-friendly. There are many exciting building products available that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy. And, at the same time, the best is yet to come in eco-friendly building products.

For a closer look into what’s available right now and where the building industry is headed, read on.

As a consumer, where and how do you begin to learn more?  Check out the many shows on Smart Healthy Green Living, the home improvement streaming service. Watch curated content on many different kinds of eco-friendly building design. Find interviews with architects, designers, and homeowners who found cool designs for sustainable homes and communities.

As you watch, listen to your internal responses to this content variety. Your internal dialog is your roadmap to your personal truth. Let the process of watching entertaining, fun, and insightful video content guide you toward what resonates with you.

Eco-Friendly Design On A Grand Scale

Are you drawn to the insights of the grand urban development in Miami called The Climate Ribbon presented by Chibi Moku?  If so, what interests you in this story?  Is it the grand scale of an eco-friendly building design? Do you see yourself bringing a magnificent climate ribbon-like structure to your community? Perhaps you can inspire your town and community to think for their version of visionary eco-friendly building design.

Does the net-zero private residence on Gig Harbor, Seattle excite you?  Here, the designer/ builder talks about their integration of architecture and site. He describes a house that generates and provides more energy resources than it uses.

Watch a Hawaii homeowner who treated himself to a beach house with two independent structures on a small lot. The owner proudly describes why this property feels “fresh” to him every time he looks at it. He feels a dialog between the two separate structures and likens it to two whales playing with each other in the waters of the nearby ocean.

Does the “reclaimed modern” house speak to you? For this brand new structure, the architect selected old, rusted metal panels for both the exterior and interior. This kind of “aged” product look is bound to evoke a reaction in most people. 

The variety of design and products is precisely the compelling offer that comes from watching the many viewpoints and shows on SHG Living.

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

To those who have already decided that a more sustainable lifestyle feels right to them, specific eco-friendly building product resources might be of great interest. SHG Living’s RISE takes you through a number of product topics. While it is clear that the best is yet to come in eco-friendly building products RISE provides hands-on guidance on what is available today.


For example, check out RISE’s video introduction of ThermalWood.  Thermal Wood modifies wood through extremely high, and long steam and high heat treatments to create a much denser, way more durable wood. This Canadian company claims the process increases even the R-value of wood – wow! Their treatment process also eliminates organics like sugars from the wood, making the wood less attractive to insects. 

Unlike “regular” wood ThermalWood claims their material is way more stable and does not expand, swell and contract like regular wood. ThermalWood backs up their claim with a 60-year warranty on siding and a 25-year warranty on decking materials – unheard of with wood! This level of warranty is hard to find in any natural material.

Smart Healthy Green Living is delighted to bring awareness to this product and this product group.  The University of Minnesota Duluth expanded research into modified wood treatments given Minnesota’s ample wood resources.   Thermally treated wood is a great example of healthier, greener, and plain smarter eco-friendly building product choices available today.

Do you love the look and durability of rainforest materials but cannot see yourself pilfering precious rainforests? ThermalWood is your sustainable solution.  Get the same durability and look without damaging rainforests. Harvesting wood responsibly is simply more important than ever.  Be a part of the solution!

Start your exploration into eco-friendly building materials with a simple purchase of a new toilet – one that saves money in your pocketbook and saves the precious resource of water for the planet: Check out a dual flush toilet. To identify the highest performance toilet Matt Daigle, host of RISE recommends looking for the EPA water sense label and max performance label. He states unequivocally that a dual flush toilet can save you up to $130/year and save 30K liters of water/ year for planet earth – impressive!

The Best Is Yet To Come

The above projects and products are great examples of eco-friendly building materials available today. They are the result of innovations in the field of building material sciences. Consumer demand for sustainable, green, and ever more energy-efficient building technology and products are driving new product development.  Know about these materials and building solutions. Build your version of a sustainable and more energy-efficient home with these and other products while also knowing the best is yet to come.

Photo by Turkel Design