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Make It A Happy Monday With A Home Office Makeover

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Home office makeovers are happening everywhere. COVID19 shifted work into our homes. What started out as a temporary solution with a foldable desk in a dining room or in a bedroom is rapidly becoming a more permanent solution: Time for to your Home Office Makeover to create a calm, beautiful and functional office space.

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Let the hosts of SHG Living, the new home improvement streaming service show you many options to launch into a quick and easy home office makeover. Start with three fundamentals for your body and mind to make your next Monday workday morning a Happy Monday working from home experience.

Time to turn your foldable desk into a beautiful fully functional desk. Take this opportunity to dive into some larger themes such as how do your values line up with your purchasing decisions. Perhaps, it’s time to incorporate healthy living at home and eco-friendly building design into your life. Make the decision to combine cool designs with products like VOC free paint to give yourself healthier air.

What are the must-haves in a home office makeover?

The Desk

A Happy Monday work experience starts with a home office that has two items that work: It’s the right desk and the right desk chair. The big file cabinets are long gone with the computer storage power in today’s computers. The most widely used desks are wooden desks, which also make for a great DIY weekend project tough CDX plywood can create a more modern look.

Brandi, host of Eternal Harvest Home Decor, presents on how to build this built-in 10-foot desk for your home office in this episode.

Brandi, host of Eternal Harvest Home Decor, presents on how to build this built-in 10-foot desk for your home office in this episode.

For helpful inspiration, tips, and suggestions check out the large desk made by Brandi, Eternal Harvest Home Decor on Smart Healthy Green Living. Brandi shows you step by step how she builds a custom desk.

Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern, whose goal is to build an affordable and sustainable home, builds a desk and he even provides the full list of building materials so that you can simply follow along. It couldn’t be simpler!

Home Office Desk Option Featured on HomeMade Modern

3 Easy-To-Build DIY Desks, episode from HomeMade Modern, streaming now on Smart Healthy Green Living.

The right kind of desk accessories such as a good desk light, pen, and pencil containers, for example, help to keep the desktop clean and organized. This is one more important step in creating a calm and powerful space.

An oak desk has and continues to be popular though other desktops made of glass, quartz, or a simple marble slab might also be of interest. Let your imagination reign. One more important consideration to think through are the cords – power cords from your computer, charging cords, cords to your desk light. Figure out how you can best hide them out of sight.

The Desk Chair for a Happy Monday Work Experience

Happy back, happy Monday. Get an ergonomically designed desk chair. They can be a bit pricey but think about it, you will be sitting in this chair for MANY hours. It might just be the chair you sit in more than any other in your entire home. Why not give your back a break so that your working experience will be something to look forward to! This is what I call a Happy Monday experience. It’s worth the investment in your health and wellbeing.

Feng Shui Home Office for a Happy Monday Work Experience

Balance, calm, powerful home office spaces are created. The practice of Feng Shui has specific principles, guidelines, and cool designs to set up your desk and desk chair directional and auspiciously. When your surroundings are calm, peaceful, and beautiful the work experience shifts from dread to a Happy Monday work experience. It makes such a big difference. Give yourself that gift!