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Kitchen Design, The Best Is Yet To Come

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Today’s Cool Designs in Kitchen Design

Today, kitchen designs have changed dramatically.  What used to have a pretty singular use for preparing food for your family is now a social experience around food. It’s been a concept in the making for a long time.

Open Concept Kitchen Design

SHG Living’s host Sabine H. Schoenberg of SabinesNewHouse and author of “Kitchen Magic” says, “… the open concept kitchen trend has been around for many years. I built “Lakehouse” back in 2003 with a high-end kitchen that was open to the family room and a great breakfast area. Back then it was unusual, now it’s what every designer recommends.”

Since then, the concept has expanded to the point that any kitchen renovation that does not consider an opening up and combining kitchen, dining, living is money poorly spent.

Must-Have In Today’s Kitchens

Let’s take this reflection a step further – let’s jump into kitchen design details. The quintessential feature of a good kitchen design today is to have a central island with stools.  Kitchen design is that specific these days. To have the social component of hanging out in the kitchen together you really want to have a place to gather and this means to sit together.  If the current kitchen is too small, open up the walls or, at least one wall. It is simply part of any transformation of especially older homes today.

Check out the Austin Flipsters on Smart Healthy Green Living. Every one of their moderately priced kitchen renovations opens up the kitchen space to surrounding rooms.  Flipping houses successfully means that you upgrade outdated layouts and fixtures to today’s must-have housing designs and layouts. The so-called open concept kitchen is most important to the success of the entire project.  Lincoln provides very informative look-back videos on how they do this. They describe their decisions and transformations from outdated to fitting today’s buyers-lifestyles.

Details in Kitchen Design

Watch the new build projects of Rise, forward-thinking home projects with eco-friendly building materials. All of these homeowners designed homes with an open-concept kitchen design.

The homes and projects presented on the SHG Living’s Chibi Moku architectural series, complete with interviews of homeowners, architects, and designers consistently show homes with open concept kitchen design. Architects and designers reflect in great detail on their careful selections of kitchen cabinets, appliances, and other fixtures in these “new” open concept living spaces. The Chibi Moku series lays before you the new decision points in today’s kitchen design.

The many interesting approaches to design for the kitchen all share one fundamental understanding.  Kitchen cabinets may still provide the function of storing pots and pans, dishes, and small appliances. However, visually they function differently in today’s homes. They are visual elements in the overall living space similar to what built-in shelves used to be in living rooms, for example. Thus we see also the new kitchen decor on open shelves.  These open shelves are visual and not functional elements in today’s kitchens.

Kitchen Design Around The Globe

SHG Living’s Robin Lewis hales from Australia with his open concept kitchen transformation.  His kitchen renovation tells us that the open concept trend in kitchen design is not just a US phenomenon. It is a fundamental international desire.  This underscores the universal nature of this design trend.

Cool designs including kitchens design will always reflect consumer demands.  Materials will change over time.  While kitchen designers aim for timeless kitchen design, designs are sure to change with the times. As always, the best is yet to come when it comes to kitchen designs.  But, as this exploration illustrates, the kitchen island with stools is the must-have cool design feature in kitchens around the globe today.

Living in a beautiful kitchen inspires one to cook nurturing, healthy meals. The next step, bring in fresh herbs and vegetables from our own container or little garden plot.

So before you undertake your next kitchen project, check out the experts on Smart Healthy Green Living.  Incorporate their insights, guidance, and plain expertise into your project. Have fun exploring their ideas and projects presented in the fun videos on SHG Living and get your project right!