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Wood Floating Shelves

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Remember when all sytlish toilets were avocado? Avocado toilets were the rage much like wood floating shelves in kitchen design today.

Magazines are full of pictures with wood floating shelves.  Some are left in natural wood, others are white floating shelves. You can buy them in all sorts of lengths and with different weight specifications. What’s behind this trend?

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Kitchen designers, kitchen manufacturers, and lifestyle magazines thrive on change. It makes homeowners feel their dream kitchens are out of step with the trends of the time. I embrace change.  It’s refreshing to see a new look.  It’s much like a new haircut. While the new haircut may feel a bit unfamiliar or even a bit uncomfortable at first, it feels new and at least, it’s different. Change is good!

Remember the time when all toilets had to be avacado? Perhaps we'll feel that way about floating shelves someday.

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Wood Floating Shelves And Your Stuff

Pulling out your old upper kitchen cabinets can be a purging experience. You have to ask yourself, do I need these kitchen cabinets? Why carry around so many things? Putting things away into cabinets is convenient but more things accumulate that way.  After a while, do you really know what is in those cabinets? Does your dream kitchen have to have that many cabinets?

Are kitchen floating shelves a timeless kitchen design style? It remains to be seen. I doubt it. Here is why: Open kitchen floating shelves are not practical.  Dust collects on the wood floating shelves. Dust accumulates on your dishes, and whatever decorative items you place, or dare I say, deposit on your open wood shelves. Would you want to reach for a dish or a plate and have to double-check for dust? Not really.  So, yes, the reality is kitchen floating shelves are impractical. There – I said it!

The rationale For Wood Floating Shelves

So, what’s good and/or desirable in wood floating shelves?  They feel airy.  There is a certain generosity that comes with it. And there is a sense of minimalism or pairing down to what you need in today’s dream kitchens.

Remember, today’s dream kitchens are extended living rooms.  Wood floating shelves are decorative like the shelves that we used to have in living rooms. So perhaps living room decor items like pictures and a few plants might be good to display on wood floating shelves.

Wood floating shelves are today’s design favorite as I personally discovered recently in a design meeting with an architect. He automatically drew in wood floating shelves into an upcoming kitchen remodel. In other words, he assumed I was a fan of the wood floating shelves.  This proves they are definitely a design favorite.  They are established as the thing to have in dream kitchens today.

So, remember the time in the mid-1960s when white toilets were out of vogue and any design and or style-conscious homeowner would naturally want to have avocado toilets and sinks?  And then, a decade or two later, they looked dated and old.  Today you can buy them as chic retro items in architectural junkyards – yes, they are still available.  Home Depot still sells avocado toilet seats to “freshen” up your retro toilet look.

Dream Kitchen Designs Change

So, what am I saying here? Remember the time you wanted something and then years later you needed something else.  It’s boring to always install upper cabinets.  Why not come up with new cool designs, with something new – anything!  How about shifting to the build of a smart healthy green home?  Sustainable! After all, it’s 2021. Better air filtration systems.  Now there is something cool and meaningful.

Today’s style rage are floating shelves.  The good news is you can always change it down the road, and guess what, you will. So enjoy them for now.

Here is what the designers of SHG Living have to say about this topic.  For sure, those who are flipping homes, like the Austin Flipsters will love them.  Flipping houses means you want to ride the trends. It makes sense. On the other hand, ChibiMoku captures high-end, more custom-designed homes that tend to have owners who will live in them longer. Check out these feature shows and you discover that these owners opted for cool designs with a more timeless kitchen design. It’s all a matter of perspective. Choose what’s right for you. Enjoy what’s suits you most today. The change will come. Cheers!