Revolutionizing Lawn Care with Robo Mowers

Revolutionizing Lawn Care with Robo Mowers
March 14, 2024 Sabine Schoenberg

Robotic mowers, also called “robo mowers”, are revolutionizing lawn care. Gone are dreaded weekend hours of lawn mowing. The old noisy, smelly gas-fired lawn mower is fast becoming a dinosaur. It is being replaced by an environmentally friendly battery-run machine that frees up valuable time for homeowners.

Technological advancements have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, making tasks more efficient, convenient, and environmentally friendly. One such significant transformation is quietly taking place in lawn care. Robotic mowers are revolutionizing the way we maintain our outdoor lawns.

Robotic mowers, often referred to as “robo mowers,” are autonomous machines designed to cut grass with minimal human intervention. These innovative devices have gained popularity due to their ability to provide precise and consistent lawn maintenance while requiring little effort from homeowners.

How Robo Mowers Work

Robotic mowers operate on the principle of autonomy, utilizing a combination of sensors, software algorithms, and electric motors to navigate and mow lawns effectively. Here is one key development: The latest generation of robot mowers no longer requires the installation of boundary wires.

In older generations, small, boundary wires needed to be placed into a trench. Homeowners, including SHGLiving’s Ashley Renne will tell you that various lawn care projects often cut the lines. Tracing and fixing problems then creates anything but easy lawn care in the end.

Today’s robot mowers’ designated lawn areas after being defined in the app without the need for boundary wires. Homeowners direct the robot mowers via the app along the boundary of a given area.

Upon activation, robo mowers systematically traverse the lawn, continuously cutting grass to maintain an even height. Many models feature adjustable cutting heights within certain ranges, allowing users to customize the length of their grass to suit their preferences. Rob mowers often come equipped with rain sensors, enabling them to pause operations during inclement weather and resume once conditions improve.

Benefits of Lawn Care with Robotic Mowers

  • Time-Saving: Robo mowers eliminate the need for manual mowing, freeing up valuable time for homeowners to focus on other activities.
  • Consistent Results: Unlike human-operated mowers, robotic counterparts follow predetermined mowing patterns, ensuring uniform grass height across the lawn.
  • Quiet Operation: Robotic mowers are significantly quieter than traditional gas-powered lawnmowers, reducing noise pollution in residential areas.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Electric-powered robo mowers produce zero emissions during operation, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.
  • Safety Features: Most robotic mowers are equipped with sensors that detect obstacles and automatically shut off or change direction to prevent accidents.

Cost of Robo Lawn Care

While robo-mowers offer numerous lawn care benefits, there are a few challenges. The equipment is not inexpensive.  However, the size of your lawn matters.  The larger your lawn area, the more expensive robo mower. Depending on the labor cost in your area you may or may not recoup the initial capital equipment cost in the same year. However, batteries should run for several years. So the initial cost rapidly turns into savings on lawn care.

All new technical devices have installation or user complexity initially.  There are occasional maintenance requirements I.e. hosing down the robot mower at least once/month. Depending on the model, cutting blades also need to be replaced regularly every two months or so for the best lawn care or cut.

3 Rarely Discussed Decision Points

Watching a robo mower in action, you will want one for your lawn care.  But which one? What are your decision points? Here are three rarely discussed but truly important factors:

(1) Your lawn care terrain: Some robotic mowers do better than others with inclines. Mammotion’s Luba2 has a 4-wheel system which allows it to handle inclines well.

(2) Location of the RTK Unit: A key feature of the robo mower system is the location of the system’s RTK unit. It directs the robo-mower via GPS. To ensure signal quality, be sure that the signal is not blocked by a structure, such as your house or tall nearby trees.  Furthermore, know the travel range of your robo mower away from the RTK unit.

(3) The cut width: The distance from the blades to the perimeter of your lawn is an important factor as this section will not be reached by your robo mower. This strip will still have to be trimmed separately.

Example: Luba2 has two cutting wheels. This design results in a 2-4” space from the cutting wheel to the perimeter. Husqvarna’s robo mower has one cutting wheel. This widens the “leftover” uncut area to approx. 1 foot.

The Future of Lawn Care

As technology continues to advance, the capabilities of robo mowers are expected to evolve further. Enhanced navigation systems, improved battery life, and integration with smart home platforms are just a few potential developments on the horizon. That said, the technology is now at a point where robo mowers are effective and pretty reliable.

Well-established lawn mower manufacturers like Husqvarna have units on the market. Others like John Deere have marketing materials out there but their US dealers do not yet offer them. Toro was rumored to come out with its robo mower and images are visible on Toro Haven Smartyard but no units have come on the market as yet.

Technology companies like Mammotion are gaining customers rapidly. Eco Flow and Worx are also well-positioned for smaller lawn areas.

Time is valuable.  Getting away from the “shlep” or lawn mowing AND having a beautifully cut lawn at the same time is too hard to pass up. As environmental consciousness grows, the demand for eco-friendly lawn care solutions like robotic mowers is likely to increase. Check them out.

Surprise your gardening husband or wife with a robo mower as a gift. Robo mowers will free them up to get out of time spent on lawn maintenance and, create more time for planting and living….what’s not to love !