Life is Beautiful 2021

Life is Beautiful 2021
November 1, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

Can you say life is beautiful in 2021? If not, try an act of service.  Give something to someone.  Give a gift to a stranger. Better yet, combine it with your expertise. Offer your expertise to make someone’s life better in 2021. It is guaranteed to make you feel happy and fulfilled.

This is what Brandi, the SHG Living host of Harvest Decor did with her new series “The Brightness Builds”. In her introduction to this new series, Brandi explains the goal is to bring “brightness” into the life of someone. This may be an individual or a family. Brandi’s aims to lift someone’s spirit who deals with a major personal challenge. Brandi sets out to upgrade a room in that person’s home to make life just a little more beautiful.

It is Brandi’s way to stand up to the negative sentiments she observes in today’s social media posts. Brandi mobilizes her designer and builder friends to offer their expertise and free time to help put this project together. This group of women applies their respective expertise to implement a DIY project in the span of just a couple of days.

Brightness Builds a Life Beautiful 2021

Brandi reached out to her large social audience to nominate someone who would benefit from an upgrade experience of a room in his/her home.  If you think, uplifted feelings come from DIY projects, you are correct.  The power of improving one’s personal physical home environment is undeniable.  It is at the core of all DIY projects.  It is why every DIY’er undertakes their projects – consciously or subconsciously. And, it is how Brandi and her friends bring brightness into the life of this young lady.

Brightness Build’s First Segment

For this first episode, Brandi selects a young woman from video submissions to her who recently experienced an “out-of-the-blue” illness that caused a disconnect between her brain and her body’s motor signals.  In other words, hand movements to eat, wash and dress, as well as walking, or leg coordinations are neurologically disrupted. They are no longer smooth or even possible.

Brandi explains that out of the many video submissions, she was drawn to this young woman because of her positive, bright attitude in the face of such a serious personal challenge. This young lady never deviated from the mantra of life is beautiful right here right now in 2021. She used her strength to accept her condition and, through extensive PT, worked her brain function back to what we consider basic to the human body – fluid leg, arm, and hand movements.

The Selected Project For Life is Beautiful 2021

This young lady picked their dining room, the social gathering place in the house, as the most important room in her house.  Due to the seriousness of the illness leading to a lot of time in bed, Brandi also upgrades her bedroom.  Brandi used inspiration from an idea book the young lady provided Brandi as style guidance.

In the dining room, Brandi and “her crew” upgrade everything from the table to the wallpaper to a new small shelf, and a macrame bench. She creates a light Scandinavian look. Natural pine materials against a darker wall paint cheer up the space around a queen-sized bed in the bedroom.

Different is Good

Last but not least, a picture in the dining room captures the spirit and motto of this young lady: Different is Good.

As further backstory, Brandi tells us that one day this young woman finds herself in public. She was trying to walk while her legs barely and awkwardly moved about.  As this happens, she feels the judgment of bystanders around her.  It is this moment that switches this lady’s anguish into acceptance of her difference.

This moment of personal acceptance gives the young woman the courage to move forward and create a life beautiful in 2021 no matter her circumstance. Needless to say, while seizures are still daily possibilities creating new serious setbacks, this young lady managed to retrain her brain and motor function in remarkable ways.

SHG Living salutes this young lady’s attitude and Brandi’s Brightness Builds series. SHG Living is proud to support Brightness Builds as its original series!