2020 Top Quality Of Living Holiday Gifts

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Instead of gifts that sit on a shelf, this article presents 2020 Holiday gifts that create a better quality of living in your home.  Gifts that create smart healthy green living are meaningful. Some might call them life-changing. Let’s call them “Better Living Holiday Gifts”. These gifts add to the recipient’s quality of life.

Check out top SHG Living‘s smart healthy green living gift suggestions per category:

Better Quality of Living – Two Smart Home Gifts

Smart doorbells are the rage. Ask anyone who has one and they will tell you they love, love, love their smart doorbell. It provides a picture of anyone approaching your front door. Your phone will receive a prompt notification that someone is approaching or even ringing your front door. They have adjustable motion-sensing ranges and all have slightly different features and performances of those features.   

The most well-known is the ring doorbell. But there are others. Find them for $150 +/- depending on the model and features. Some are battery-operated, others are wired and, there are several brands to select from.  Eufy, Arlo, and Ring are the top three brands.  If you feel this already sounds a bit confusing and you better educate yourself a bit, check out Steve Does’ easy to understand videos on SHG Living. Get smart about your smart doorbell and equip your friends and family with one of these super cool smart doorbells. Smart healthy green living should start right at your front door.

Give the gift of better heating and air conditioning control in your friend’s or family’s home. Getting the room temperature right in a house – cooler or heated – is always a challenge. Why not regulate it the smart way with either the new Honeywell T9 or the Google Nest. So yes, right away there are two good options ranging in price of $165-200.  What is the must-know difference? What’s right for your friends’ houses?  Check out Smart Home Solver on SHG Living. Reed’s insightful video will clarify which one is best for their homes. Caution: You will want to buy one for your own house as well. Before you know it you and your friends and family will be on the path of smart healthy green living.

Better Quality Of Living – Healthy Home

The end of the year is always a great time to make plans for living better next year. What are the changes you and your friends want to make? Eating healthy food is top of the list for many. Are your friends saying “…my apartment or my garden is too small and not suited for herb and vegetable gardening”?

Give them the gift of smart pots and seeds from CaliKim. Point them to CaliKim’s super informative content on SHG Living to get them started with their smart pots and seeds and you have a meaningful gift that encourages your friends to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. You have heard the saying “…you are what you eat!”

Better Quality of Living – Green Home

There is a long list of products today that aim for a better quality of living.  They make our homes healthier, the air better to breathe, and the water cleaner to drink, cook, and wash in.  All of these are ever more important today.

Sabine H. Schoenberg of SabinesNewHouse recommends a slightly uncommon gift for 2020 given COVID’s focus on better indoor air quality.

She suggests giving your friend or family member who has an air or ducted heating and air-conditioning system upgraded filters.  Filter ratings are rated by so-called MERV readouts.  Most systems have a Merv 11, some have a Merv 13.  Upgrade it to a Merv 16.  This is a wider filter that is best installed by an HVAC contractor. A Merv 16 is pretty close to a HEPA filter. The cost will range based on the starting system, house size, local installation costs, etc. but it should be between $200-1,000. Anyone with allergy conditions will benefit hugely as well.  Talk about a green and healthy gift – this is it!

Do you have elderly folks on your gift-giving list? Elderly people often make a comment like “it’s hard to read in this light”. A unique and often life-enhancing gift is LED lighting.  How many people have poor lighting conditions in their homes?   Why not introduce them to the great light quality in today’s LED light fixtures.  Find a great-looking reading lamp online and you will have introduced your loved one to a way better quality of light. You will have improved living with a green, or less energy consumptive light, and you will have given them a healthier quality of living. Way to go.

Happy Holidays!