Harmony Reigns In Your Home When…

Harmony Reigns In Your Home When…
April 18, 2022 Sabine Schoenberg

…You are in sync with your being, your home, and your environment.  This is the moment when things are both perfectly still, flowing but without friction.  This is the moment harmony reigns.

You feel the movement and the balance at the same time.  You feel connected to the people and the environment around you.  If not, how can you get there? Are there things to do? Are there things to get right? If you don’t feel harmony around you at this very moment, here are steps to get there.

(1)Harmony Reigns – Streaming Content

Today’s technology provides a connection to so much information and so many experts. You can be anywhere in the world and be connected via your computer and/or smartphone. You decide what information and entertainment you call into your world – welcome to the world of streaming, your entertainment world.

Smart Healthy Green Living (SHG Living) was recently ranked as one of the top apps/ streaming services to watch.  Just as the title suggests, SSmart Healthy Green Living’s hosts present many projects and approaches to getting one’s outer surroundings, home & garden more sustainable and aligned with Mother Earth.

(2) Why Planet Aligned Selections? It’s YOUR Health

In a recent article, SHG Living’s co-founder, Christopher Mohs describes SHG Living as an entertaining and educational platform.  SHG Living makes “sustainability approachable”. SHG Living presents everything from large-scale buildings and urban spaces to tiny homes and earth-friendly DIY projects. Dive into what appeals to you, the viewer when, where, and how YOU wish.

Many viewers report eye-opening experiences and insights around greener, more sustainable choices of building products, cleaning, and garden products. An “ I had no idea that….” kind of reaction is rather common.

The way to feel successful is to start where you are right now, at this very moment. Take one little step. For example, stopping into a big-box store? Reach for home products that are sustainable/green/ organic over the outdated chemical, high energy consumptive type of products. Look for green certification labels to guide you.

Clean house. What kind of cleaning products, garden amendments, and more are hiding out in your cupboards?  Replace them with environmentally friendlier products. It is good for the planet and it’s good for your body. You may not even smell it.  But it affects air quality  – your air quality. Everything is connected. Your body will feel better and you feel good about your conscious change – your contribution. This is when harmony reigns.

(3) The First Step

People say that want to leave a better life for their children, and the next generation.  However, the record shows that we have not done a good job of being in harmony with the earth’s resources. Earth Day 2022 is April 22. Let this be your fresh start into a more aligned way to live on and with Mother Earth. Today.  It can be done. Watch the shows on SHG Living. Get entertained and educated, and feel inspired. Then think through what change you can make right now in your life, your house, your apartment.

Doing any and all take one first step.  Feel inspired by SHG Living to take this first step.  Download the SHGLiving app. Alignment with Mother Earth is one way of feeling connected or making a positive contribution to your world. Use Earth Day as your start to when harmony reigns.

photo by Sergey Shmidt