Rethinking House Cleaning

Rethinking House Cleaning
November 1, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

Many people feel house cleaning is a “chore”.  Let’s shift this into a satisfying experience. After all, keeping your “nest”, a.k.a. home clean and beautiful is natural. Every animal cleans his nest, burrow, or home.

Here are three fun and inspirational suggestions from SHG Living hosts to  get you launched into a whole new, happy, healthy, and eco-friendly way of living for your own, much happier self:

1) Storage of House Cleaning Products

When you buy house cleaning products in the store the products are always beautifully displayed.  Why not give yourself the same kind of product merchandising at home so that you want to grab them easily. It is sure to launch you into a happy house cleaning experience.

Are your cleaning products still piled up and five rows deep under your kitchen sink? How about the laundry? Are you piling stuff on top of, and around the machines? Are you putting brooms in a corner? Is your vacuum just left to the side?  This effectively messages your brain that  “cleaning is a chore” and “you don’t like it”.

Brent Gentling, host of the SHG Living show, BYOT has a solution.  He shows you how powerful a laundry remodel is and he takes you through such a remodel step by step.  While your project may vary, organizational goals are pretty much the same.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Do you have enough room for side by side washer and dryer? Or, would it be better to stack them and gain the additional floor space?
  • Are the walls in need of repair? Now is the time to fix them.
  • Are the floors in good shape?  Remember, this space is going to be beautiful when done.
  • Where and how do you best store your house cleaning tools? Wall-mounted or in a cabinet? The point is to find a permanent and likely vertical storage spot.

The answers to these questions will result in organized solutions which are possible in every space, large or small.  You will feel so great about the newly designed space that you will show it to all of your friends. AND you will no longer mind house cleaning.

2) Smart House Cleaning

Some people still think smart home tech is not for them – that is until you ask them if they would like a smart robot to do the vacuuming around the house for them.

Robot vacuums have been around for several years now.  They are getting to the point of having reliable features. Units now distinguish reliably between carpet and tile floors, for example. The costs have dropped – we are talking a few hundred dollars. However, the proliferation of brands and products is confusing.  For example, is a $500 smart robot that much better than a $300 unit? Does the more expensive unit have features you would not use, and therefore the additional cost is not warranted?

Here are just two must-watch, hands-on product reviews by the two smart tech SHG Living gurus:  Reed of Smart Home Solver reviews Roborock S6MaxV and in a separate video Roborock S5. Steve of Steve Does reviews the Wyze robot vacuum.

Much like any new toy, after an initial setup and a getting familiar period, you won’t want to be without that smart robot vacuum any longer. You will be hooked on smart home tech!

3) Chemical And Plastic Free House Cleaning Products

SHG Living’s host Ashley Renne is at the forefront of living with eco-friendly products for a healthier life.  Ashley uses eco-friendly cleaning products.  Check out her attempt to avoid plastic in products for a day.

This challenge is eye-opening. It makes you realize just how much plastic surrounds us everywhere every day and in so many products.

Every bit of reduction matters. Think about what and where you can reduce plastic in the house cleaning products you use. Finally, for the plastic containers from house cleaning products, be sure to wash them out thoroughly so that the container can be recycled.  Know that dirty plastic will not be recycled any longer!

So, here you go – Rethinking House Cleaning in today’s smart, healthy, green living world. Treat yourself to it.  Be part of making this planet a better place.