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Get inspired to make your home and garden the best it can be. The smart, healthy, green way.

  • Green

    LEAD vs LED Lights – Choose Health

    Allow me to be frank: Lead is in the minds of those consumers who still have not yet replaced incandescent light bulbs with LEDs. LED lighting is one of the well-established, mainstream, and inexpensive green home improvement products that represent a huge step toward energy efficiency and healthy living. This…

  • Gardening
    the right sprinkler repair can create fun

    Sprinkler Repair – Time to Upgrade

    Running through running sprinklers in hot summer days is fun for young and old alike. It’s even more fun for your lawn and gardens to get the right amount of water.  You install a sprinkler system to have peace of mind that your lawn and gardens receive just the right…

  • Healthy Home

    Bathroom Decor – 5 Impactful, Healthy Choices

    Bathroom Decor is rapidly changing. Post pandemic consumers list increased awareness around wellbeing, better health, and more aligned living-on-the-planet as priorities. Since bathrooms are the spaces in which we take care of our bodies, the design and fit-out of bathrooms with these aspirations in mind, are more important than ever.…

  • Gardening
    French Lavender

    English Lavender vs French Lavender

    Does the photo show English lavender or French lavender? Are there differences between the two types of lavender? Which one or both are right for your garden? Lavender is a beautiful, fragrant, healthy, and easy to grow plant. It is the perfect plant for every garden and every gardener. Differences…

  • Gardening

    Organic Pest Control Works

    People with gardens love to stroll around in them. But they rarely just walk around.  They check to see which plants are affected by various pests and therefore need organic pest control. They pick up weeds. They turn over leaves to inspect their plants. Some may poke a finger into…

  • Design

    The Best Is Yet To Come In Eco Friendly Building Design

    Today, design and building materials can easily be eco-friendly. There are many exciting building products available that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy. And, at the same time, the best is yet to come in eco-friendly building products. For a closer look into what’s available right now and where the building…

  • Gardening

    Plumeria Flower – Love, Hope, And Welcome

    Plumeria Flower- what is it? Even the name sounds exotic – and it is.  Think of tropical flowers, think of Hawaii. Think of the Hawaiian “leis”, the welcome garland. They are native to Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean. But no matter your climate zone, there are ways you can have…

  • Gardening

    4 Tips For Organically Grown Gardens

    Gardening organically can be a challenge. Diseases are common in today’s gardens. Are there effective organic treatments? Chemicals are “bio-accumulative” in our bodies, i.e. they build up over time until one day, our bodies can no longer handle them and strange physical conditions arise.  So, here are four expert gardener…

  • Living

    Smart Styles – 4 Top 2021 Home and Garden Trends

    Lifestyles are continually changing. Circumstances are changing. After a time people want something different. This is all expected.  However, last year’s unprecedented, worldwide COVID had an unprecedented impact on the way we live in our homes.  So here are the top four smart styles in home and garden trends for…

  • Architecture

    Stairwell – Modern Design, Healthy Materials

    Today’s young buyers are driving toward smaller house footprints, open-concept living with health-conscious materials.  This translates into new interior design details featuring a stairwell with modern design and healthy materials. Designers and homeowners talk a lot about kitchen and bath design. And yes, we spend a lot of time in both…

  • Landscaping
    smart sprinklers run only when the weather is dry. They do not overwater

    Smart Reliable Sprinkler – Insider Details

    You install a sprinkler system to have peace of mind that your lawn and gardens receive just the right amount of water, especially during hot summer months whether you are at home or not.  In the words, your, #1 criteria is a reliable sprinkler system. What does “reliable sprinkler” actually…

  • Green
    eco-friendly wood flooring materials

    Natural Wood Planks – Are We Robbing Mother Earth?

    Everyone loves hardwood floors or wood planks.  They provide a feeling of natural, clean, healthy living versus dust hiding out in the manmade carpet fibers. Wood is a natural material that makes us feel grounded. It’s easy to clean. But is harvesting wood planks good for the planet? Is it…

  • Healthy Home

    It’s A New Dawn In Paint

    It’s a new dawn in paint and in home improvement. What should be on your roller for your next painting project? It’s a new dawn in smart healthy green awareness that extends to paint. COVID19 has given us a sense of greater vulnerability. We need to treat our bodies and…

  • Design

    A Happy Saturday From Relaxation With Water

    Here is one way to get into a happy Saturday experience: Take a soaking tub, with perhaps relaxing jazz or other soaking tub music in the background. It might just be the quintessential way to relax.  Depending on your climate, if you are an outdoor personality, your first choice might…

  • Kitchen Design

    Timeless Kitchen Design in 800 Words

    Timeless, yet trend-aware kitchens create real value in a home.  Here is how to create a timeless kitchen design in 800 words to illustrate just how simple it can be, provided you know the right installation details. Conversely, you can spend just as much money on materials, styles-and functional details for…

  • Architecture

    New Uses For Tiny Houses

    “Tiny houses” –  everyone knows the term. It’s no longer a “far-out”, alternative lifestyle but there are many new uses for tiny houses. Manufacturers are reporting huge order increases in 2020.  But what exactly is a tiny house? Is the familiar RV a tiny house? Tiny houses have become a…

  • Furniture

    Floating Bed, Nontoxic Mattress – Healthy Relaxation

    You have heard it before: Even the most active among us are spending many hours in bed to rest and rejuvenate our bodies. Is your current bed a healthy home experience? It’s 2021 – time to make healthy home purchase decisions. How about a floating bed? And how about something…

  • Design

    Good Design – Twist On Materials

    Good design is seeing things in simple, fundamental relationships or in their essence. This leads to seeing materials with fresh eyes. Sometimes it’s seeing the potential in what others treat as discarded items. Discovering the uniqueness in materials, or using materials differently can lead to good design. Often, people have…

  • Healthy Home

    Priority Health And Natural Gas Cooking

    What is the statement appliance in today’s kitchen? For many homeowners, it is the professional-looking, gas-fired cooktop, or range.  Designers and magazines have been putting forward the notion that the robust-looking gas burners elevate the kitchen to a professional, or “Chef’s Kitchen”. Who wouldn’t want that?  Caution. Priority health, healthy…

  • Inspirations

    2021 A New Year – A New Beginning

    You don’t have to be an astrology enthusiast who is looking at big planetary shifts this year to know of the change into the Aquarian Age. The big change is noticeably in the air with new thinking, new actions, and new beginnings in 2021.  It’s a year to shift your…

  • Design

    Closets by Design

    Look into someone’s closet and you discover the personality of the resident in the house, condo, or apartment. This truth applies to large dressing room type closets, and to the smallest of closets in traditional, older homes. Knowingly or not, we are all designers of our closets. Let’s explore this…

  • DIY
    Quality of Living Gift Ideas

    2020 Top Quality Of Living Holiday Gifts

    Instead of gifts that sit on a shelf, this article presents 2020 Holiday gifts that create a better quality of living in your home.  Gifts that create smart healthy green living are meaningful. Some might call them life-changing. Let’s call them “Better Living Holiday Gifts”. These gifts add to the…

  • Home Building

    Good Morning Beautiful

    “Good morning beautiful” should be the response to ourselves every morning after a refreshing, luxuriating, and uplifting shower experience.  The overall feeling of well-being is a combination of a feeling of immediate personal well-being and being in harmony with the world around us. Let’s take a closer look at how…

  • Design

    Be Adventurous With Concrete

    What’s your next DIY project? How about venturing into the world of concrete. Here are some ways to be adventurous with concrete. We think of concrete as a material for hard-core construction. Foundations, walkways, and driveways come to mind.  But actually, concrete is a fantastic material to get into cool…

  • Living
    Smart Robot taking over.

    Smart Robot Vacuum For A Happy Weekend

    A Happy Weekend starts with a clean house.  The idea that your smart robot vacuum can clean the floors in your house after dinner or quietly every night while you sleep is appealing. Kids, pets, traffic in and around the house create constant and seemingly never-ending grit and grime on…

  • Architecture
    Gentle Yoga

    Gentle Yoga In A Tiny House

    Might you be interested in a tiny house?  What’s behind this big trend? What does a tiny house offer? Hear from one enthusiastic homeowner of a tiny house that she had custom-designed for her lifestyle that is centered around gentle yoga in her tiny house. Watch…

  • Green

    Deep Dive Into Passive House

    Passive House stands for a highly efficient house that is built to be energy consumption neutral. Sometimes, it is also referred to as a “net-zero house”. This article will give you a deep dive look into this exciting green building trend of Passive House. The PassiveHouse movement started in Darmstadt,…

  • Green
    Find out how certain ice melts impact your plumbing.

    Find Out How Ice/Snowmelt Effects The Plumbing In Your House

    Magnesium Chloride is one snow and ice melt chemical with a known negative environmental impact. The actual “environmental impact” is way more personal – over time, it will have a direct bearing on our homes and our lives. Surprised? Find out how: Spreading of  Magnesium Chloride There are two widespread…

  • Green

    Call For Pumpkins To Compost Now

    When summer is over and harvest colors appear, pumpkins soon follow. We love them to get our homes ready for Halloween and to make pumpkin pies. It’s all part of a tradition. And so is the habit of tossing spoiled food into our garbage bins, including those, once spoiled pumpkins.…

  • Design
    1000 thread count sheets

    1000 Thread Count Sheets Or Less Is More

    Interior designers love to talk about the furniture layout of living rooms, kitchens, newly created basement spaces, and bedrooms. That’s fine but let’s dig a little deeper into design goods, and specifically, bedding or sheets that you should purchase for your newly designed bedroom.  Should you buy 1000 thread count…

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