New Uses For Tiny Houses

New Uses For Tiny Houses
February 8, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

Tiny houses” –  everyone knows the term. It’s no longer a “far-out”, alternative lifestyle but there are many new uses for tiny houses. Manufacturers are reporting huge order increases in 2020.  But what exactly is a tiny house? Is the familiar RV a tiny house?

Tiny houses have become a go-to space building solutions in response to the post-COVID 19 lifestyle changes. Yahoo Finance reporter Zack Guzman just conducted an interview with Boulder, Colorado-based Studio Shed, and found out that the company’s sales are up 14 fold and, for the first time in company history have now reached a national distribution.

New Uses   2 New Lifestyle Trends

Home Office – We are working increasingly from home. What started out as a make-shift office in your dining room or with a folding desk in your bedroom, garage or even your laundry room requires now a more permanent solution. People are discovering that commuting to an office is no longer really necessary. Technology options including zoom conferences, google hangouts are now acceptable work arrangements. AND their quality of life without the daily commute to the office is so much higher.  All of this makes people ready to opt for a more permanent solution, a.k.a a purchase of a more permanent structure – the tiny house in the backyard as their new home office.

Added Bedrooms Needed – You thought your teenagers would be off to college.  Suddenly due to college shutdowns, they are all back studying from home. You need an additional bedroom or study space – and you need it fast.  Many homeowners think the additional bedroom can perhaps become guest quarters later when the kids will have finally left the nest.

Here is another tiny house option: Create a tiny house on wheels. Park it on your property for the time being and when the time comes, this tiny house on wheels can travel with your college kids as their fully fitted out college dorm. Instead of paying for expensive college room and board, this might just be a far more cost-efficient solution overall. YEAH to that! Thank COVID 19 for the shifting of your perspectives!

Tiny House Projects By SHG Living Hosts

SHG Living hosts present various entertaining, fun, and thought-provoking options on tiny houses. Get a quick overview.  See what resonates with you. What implications are there with tiny houses and your local building and health departments?  Hear from the home improvement experts on Smart Healthy Green Living to get the best and possibly fastest tiny house solution.

SHG Living’s Chibi Moku interviews a homeowner who made the shift into a tiny house. This one is set in on a permanent foundation. She carefully considered every inch of her tiny house interior – this is not an example of a pop-up, fast track solution but it shows what goes into a successful tiny house today.  It’s anything but an alternative lifestyle.

SHG Living’s Containing Luxury shows you examples of both finished container homes that can be shipped anywhere. Blake and Tyler take a deep dive into the build-out of their custom container homes.  They are contractors and know their craft. If you think you need a finished solution, watch their build videos!  There are important insights and lessons here.  For example, what kind of insulation details should your tiny house have?  Will the structure get hot? Should fixtures be energy efficient so that you could go off-the-grid? Understanding these kinds of interior tiny house details will allow you to ask the right questions and get you on the right track to the right tiny house for you. There are important lessons here.  Don’t miss them!

How about a tiny house on wheels. So that you can pull it anywhere your heart pulls you.

SHG Living’s Mike Montgomery feels the call of the open road.  He shows you his renovation of an old school bus into a tiny house on wheels.  It might be fun to live in a tiny house school bus for a while.

Tiny houses have found new uses.  They can be a variety of static and moveable home options. Smart Healthy Green Living shows you a variety of options. The important question is which one is right for you and your family? Should you build one DIY? Or should you turn to a prefab manufacturer?  Watch the fun and entertaining videos from three SHG Living hosts to narrow down the field and find the right tiny house solution for you and your family.

Photo by Ayesgul Yahsi