Timeless Kitchen Design in 800 Words

Timeless Kitchen Design in 800 Words
February 15, 2021 Sabine Schoenberg

Timeless, yet trend-aware kitchens create real value in a home.  Here is how to createtimeless kitchen design in 800 words to illustrate just how simple it can be, provided you know the right installation details. Conversely, you can spend just as much money on materials, styles-and functional details for which you will never receive any payback toward an increased value in your house. So let’s get it right and create a fabulous looking and healthy lifestyle kitchen.

Check our SabinesNewHouse’ video.  Sabine H. Schoenberg is an award-winning real estate developer, designer, and author of the sold-out book “Kitchen Magic”.  Follow Sabine as she presents essential installations for timeless kitchen design. Here are her top 7 installation tips for trendy new kitchens.

7 Timeless Kitchen Design Tips – 800 Words

800 worlds is not a lot for an article. So let’s get right to it:

  1. Cabinets – The most important things in cabinets you don’t see.  You might smell it and also feel it.  Choose eco-friendly building design (link to Modular Design) in your cabinets, ones that are certified VOC free (Volatile Organic Compound free)  materials so your health is not affected by off-gassing materials. And who wants to offer funny-smelling glass and dishes…!

Cabinet hardware is the other important detail in kitchen cabinets.  Doors and drawers get used all of the time – only quality hardware will stand the test of time.

(2)  Utensil Dividers

Go the extra mile and make your drawers super organized.  Create a place for all of your tools and utensils and give your kitchen a high-end, chef’s level.

(3)  Center Island & Countertops 

Today’s center islands should be as large as your space allows them to be.  Center islands are social gathering places. Make it a place with a stool so that everyone can get and sit together while the cook in the house prepares the food. It also means that the counter on your center island gets a lot of use. Choose the countertop surface especially carefully.

Yes, granite works though the new man-made surfaces of quartz are the rage today. Choose high-quality quartz like Silestone for its nano-technology, which prevents bacteria from getting into the pores of the quartz.  Check out the Silestone demonstration on SHGLiving’s SabinesNewHouse – it is eye-opening! You will agree!

(4)  Corner Cabinets

Today there is finally great pull-out drawer systems.SabinesNewHouse “kitchen Basics” video shows you exactly what you should look for.

(5)   Appliances

Buy the best your budget allows.  The better the brand, the higher the overall value of your kitchen. Be sure to use energy-efficient appliances like the new European brand “Beko” offers.  You will be positively surprised just how much lower your monthly utility bills will be while your food stays fresher than ever with Beko’s Ever Fresh + Active Fresh Blue Light and Ion Guard technology. Ever heard of it? That’s because Beko is just coming into the USA.  Instead of boring you with 800 words just on this fabulous new line of appliances, check out Beko online. High-end European appliance quality at fabulous price points!

(6)  Lighting

While super functional so-called LED under cabinet lights provide fabulous light quality on your work surfaces, express the style of your kitchen in the selection of LED lights over your center island. There are so many affordable and fun LED light options today.  Have fun finding yours.

(7)  Smart Fixtures

For the adventurous among you, timeless kitchen design today includes some smart fixtures and installations.  Technology is here to stay.  Check out AshleyRenne’s Smart Home Adventures on SHG Living for her smart kitchen products.  Ashley is a cooking and healthy living enthusiast.  Her motivation is to live a greener, energy-efficient, sustainable lifestyle. Ashley presents the many smart kitchen installations in her kitchen  – from a smart fridge to smart lighting and security options.

Before you purchase any smart home devices check in with the two smart home experts on SHG Living for your timeless kitchen design: Steve of Steve Does, and Reed of Smart Home Solver for Smart Home Automation. See their device tests and comparison videos.

So there you have it: Timeless Kitchen Design in 800 words. Follow these 7 installation tips and create your super cool-looking and healthy kitchen.

Photo by Jason Briscoe