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Smart Robot Vacuum For A Happy Weekend

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A Happy Weekend starts with a clean house.  The idea that your smart robot vacuum can clean the floors in your house after dinner or quietly every night while you sleep is appealing. Kids, pets, traffic in and around the house create constant and seemingly never-ending grit and grime on floors. As a result, vacuuming and cleaning floors are constant chores. Could this be one of the cleaning jobs we can finally hand over to a smart robot? Is it time to get one?

With the increased use of our homes due to COVID, would this be the perfect 2020 Christmas Gift?

Smart robots have been around for a number of years.  But how good are today’s smart robots? And if they are worth buying, which one should you get?  Are there quality differences?

Smart Robots – Review

Watch Steve Does on Smart Healthy Green Living

Smart Healthy Green Living’s smart home expert  Steve Siems, host of Steve Does provides three in-depth reviews of three different smart robot vacuums. Out of the gate, Steve discloses that the units were provided by the various companies for Steve to review.  It’s noteworthy that Steve provides a thorough and fair review of the smart robots. In fact, you see the tests that Steve set up for the review. So, check them out and see for yourselves on SHG Living.

Some time ago, Steve Does reviewed “Roomba”, perhaps the most known name in smart robot vacuums.  He was not impressed if the cleaning jobs.  The Roomba “ping-ponged all over the place”. It did not clean the overall floor systematically.

Onto the next smart vacuum review: the Amarey A 900, which is in the same $350 price category. Steve finds that it provides a much more thorough and efficient cleaning pattern. The unit has three suction levels and is a really quiet, smart robot.  But Steve discovers one negative to the super quiet operations:  He never knows if and where the Amarey A900 is working and, perhaps most importantly if the debris container is full. In other words, this part is a guessing game. Since the unit is wifi based, Steve would’ve liked to receive notifications through the app – great point!

Will a higher-priced, top of the line $750 smart robot do a better job? On to Steve Does’ review of “Robo Rock”- great name! Will this expensive, AI-based, smart robot provide the Happy Weekend cleaning experience? This unit has a series of small cameras that are supposed to provide better obstacle recognition.

For this cleaning jobs test, Steve sets up an obstacle course for the Robo Rock smart robot to navigate.  He finds the unit has good suction for both hard floors and low to medium pile carpet.  It does a good edge cleaning job and it mops well. This smart robot did not knock over the dog’s water bowl – check! Though unfortunately, while this smart robot understands that sneakers are obstacles it still got entangled in the shoelaces.

Robo Rock’s cameras do not store information in the cloud. Therefore, if you are concerned about the increased amount of information stored about you in the cloud, this AI-based, cloud-free smart robot is for you. You can control the unit easily and, in fact, Steve had fun playing chasing games with his son through Robo Rock’s cameras.  Could the AI-based, app-controlled cameras on this device be a way to look through your house as an inconspicuous security feature while you are away?! Why not – very interesting!

Dust-Free Air For Healthy Living

SHG Living’s Sabine H. Schoenberg, of SabinesNewHouse, sees one more important cleaning job from smart robots:  Smart, healthy, green living means you regularly want to remove dust from your home. The one really hard-to-reach area is under beds. We spend 8 +/- hours sleeping there every day.  How great would it be to get under beds with a smart robot vacuum on a daily basis?! Better air matters.

What would another female smart healthy green expert on the new home improvement streaming service, SHG Living, Ashley Renne think about this? Shout out to Ashley Renne Nsonwu, host of SHG Living’s Ashley Renne for her input on smart robots for the cleaning jobs in her smart house.

Bottom line: There are a lot of specials out there this Holiday Season.  This includes sales on smart devices as well as smart robot vacuums. It’s time to get one and make your life simpler and your home cleaner.