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So Many Home Automation Ideas And The Best Is Yet To Come

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Home automation ideas and devices are everywhere – it is really confusing. More and more innovations show you the best is yet to come.  How to start? What devices make sense for my home? What devices make my life better?  Is now the time to upgrade your home? What is the cost to automate your home?

Check out the smart home experts on Smart Healthy Green Living. Watch a few fun videos across a wide range of topics. You find everything from introductory overviews, family home entertainment, and field-tested and easy-to-understand home automation product analyses.

Ashley Renne’s Home Automation Ideas

Ashley Renne’s, Smart Home Adventures dives deep into the products she installed in her existing home to make it a smart home.  Ashley knows the best is yet to come. Her motivation is to live a greener, energy-efficient, sustainable lifestyle with the freedom to travel today. She is in touch with her home via her phone from wherever she happens to be – FREEDOM! Ashley’s practical approach is contagious. She shows you how it’s done. Here are just some of the many great features Ashley explains:

  • Smart plugs – by changing a regular plug into a smart plug you stop the so-call     “vampire draw”. Even when your energy-efficient appliances are shut off they still draw energy which you pay for on your electric bill every month
  • Smart lighting allows you lot’s of light quality controls and easy access from your phone or control screens
  • Smart blinds – they can be set to open and close with the sun.  It’s a great feature when you travel and, for security reasons. You can control it all from your phone
  • Smart door locks – never get locked out again – open doors remotely. Let people into your house from wherever you happen to be
  • Smart doorbells – there are many on the market today.  Ashley explains how she selected the one that also ties into her smart outdoor cameras and more
  • Smart irrigation system – never water your lawn again when rain is on the way – this one is a huge saving on your summer water bills and it’s good for the planet
  • Smart lawn mover – this is the most energy-friendly, eco-friendly way to cut the lawn. No more gasoline-burning around your house! AND you never have to cut your lawn yourself again!

Ashley presents many more smart home automation ideas. She understands and shows how these purchases create a safer, more energy-efficient home. You will want to follow Ashley on social when you watch Ashley Renne’s shows for some fun behind-the-scenes extras!

Smart switches really do mean the best is yet to come in home automation

Steve Seim, host of Steve Does on Smart Healthy Green Living takes a closer look at smart switches.







Reviews BY Steve Does And Smart Home Solver

Two more smart home experts on SHG Living get you the best smart devices for your dollars: Steve Seim, host of Steve Does, and Reed Kleinman, host of Smart Home Solver.  Take deep dives into the world of Smart Home Automation with many videos on device reviews. Both Steve and Reed take the time to show you the results of their tests. Their analyses are way more than mere opinion.  See for yourselves and find what fits into your lifestyle. So before you buy ANYTHING check out these smart home expert views. Given today’s constant technology advances the best is yet to come!

Home automation ideas start with some fundamental system decisions.  Learn from Ashley, Steve, and Reed which devices among the home automation ideas and products on the market today make sense for your home and lifestyle. Get started on your so-called “smart eco-systems”.

Today’s home automation ideas are no longer pie-in-the-sky. While surely the best is yet to come, the home automation industry grew rapidly into many product categories and MANY product choices.  This is where confusion can come in.  Don’t stand in a store to get “smart”, no pun intended.  It’s not a good way to educate yourself on the right smart products and smart ecosystems.

Start by watching the entertaining, easy-to-understand videos by the smart experts on Smart Healthy Green Living, the new home improvement streaming service.  Take in the information over time. Get yourself ready before venturing out to a store, or purchasing one or two of these fabulous home automation ideas and smart products online. The benefits of home automation will likely make you want more.  Enjoy the process of making you and your home smart!