2022 – Good Things Are Coming

2022 – Good Things Are Coming
December 18, 2022 Sabine Schoenberg

Good things are coming from the accomplishments and changes in 2022. Let’s start with the breakthrough in fusion technology. Among the many events that happened in 2022, history will likely record this as the milestone development for humanity and the planet.

After decades of research and experiments, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) succeeded in generating vast amounts of energy in fusion. Powerful lasers combine or fuse atoms into larger atoms. In the process, tremendous energy is being released. For the first time, scientist are now able to capture this tremendous energy.

Unlimited Energy Resources

More energy, in fact, a lot more energy was observed and indeed captured in the fusion process. Even the usually cautious scientists speak of it as “unlimited power” and “replicating the power of the sun”. To the extent that information is publicly available today we now know that energy can be created with laser fusion technology.

“On a grand, long-term scale, fusion energy could eliminate humanity’s emissions, allowing for a cleaner, greener, healthier planet – not to mention, elevated living for all of humanity.

This is why this success is so huge. 2022 will be recorded as “the year it happened”. Good things are coming from this milestone accomplishment.

Commercialization of fusion is the next big step.  Given today’s energy shortages, political instabilities, and negative environmental impact from today’s energy sources, it is reasonable to assume that huge amounts of money will now flow into further fusion research & development from many factions. The world can once and for all move away from its dependence on oil and gas and nuclear power.  What a moment!

Environmentally, fusion technology means a huge reduction in CO2 emissions. It means the elimination of oil pollution from tankers, mining, and refining disasters. By extension, the use of fusion will likely reduce methane output into the atmosphere around the globe as well. Last but not least, fusion does not generate radioactive waste as is the case in fission, the technology currently used in nuclear power plants.

Supply Chain Relief

On a more day-to-day level, 2022 gave us significant improvements in the supply chain of building products.  While we are not back at per-COVID supplies yet, shelves are rarely empty now as supplies are once again flowing into stores.  Prices have begun to ease as well – positive developments and more good things are coming.

More Good News

Thankfully “Cop27”  happened without security issues in Egypt in 2022. While overall expectations weren’t really met, some positive developments were achieved and good things are coming here too. Most noteworthy is an agreement by industrialized nations (sadly minus China) to create funding for the elimination of coal-firing plants in Indonesia and other developing countries.  While just a few months ago this likely meant a transition to solar and wind technologies, now it may well result in solutions using fusion…what a massive change and boost for environmental efforts around the world.

2022 is the year in which it is clear that sustainability thinking is now integrated into all companies – from big corporates to small businesses.  Yes, some, as skeptics may note, is “greenwashing” but every little step by companies and individuals matters.  It creates momentum and change.  Be a part of it. Check out SHGLiving’s DoOneThing campaign for changes you can make this very moment to add your contribution.

Looking forward

The fusion breakthrough will further unlock VC funding for all sorts of new green technologies. While much may not be visible to the consumer yet, we can confidently report that much is at various stages of development around the globe.

You, our INSPIRATION readers will continue to be informed of cutting-edge efforts in all matters of home & garden. We wish you and yours Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year.