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How To Regrow Your Scallions

Regrowing scallion from kitchen scraps is one of the easiest DIY zero waste food experiments you can try! Here’s how to regrow and harvest your scallions or green onions FAST instead of throwing the scraps away.

Ultimate Smart Home Tech Tour

Here is my Ultimate Smart Home Tech Tour with 21 ways we automated our home. This is the perfect gift guide too, especially for Christmas!

Carrot Bacon vs. Coconut Bacon

Which is better – making bacon from carrots or from coconuts? Well, I’m showing you how to make both and doing a taste test afterward! Have you seen the viral video Tabitha Brown did yet?

3 DIY No-Sew Face Masks | Zero Waste Tutorial

Here are 3 DIY face masks that are quick and easy to make – no sewing required! For this zero waste tutorial, you’ll learn how to repurpose an old cotton tee, pillow case, or bandana.

Is This The Most Eco-Friendly Flight In History? | Biofuel + Zero Waste

This year on World Environment Day, history was made–and somehow I got a chance to be apart of it. The United Airlines Flight For The Planet’ crew flew us from Chicago to Los Angeles on the most eco-friendly flight in aviation history.

12 Sustainable Quarantine Hacks That Last

Instead of buying disposal products that you’ll quickly run out of, get these 12 sustainable household products that last long term.

Meet Ashley Renne Nsonwu

Ashley Renne Nsonwu is a professional video creator, keynote speaker, on-camera host, intersectional environmentalism advocate, and certified plant-based nutrition expert. Her blog Hey Ashley Renne shares plant-based and sustainable ways to help us all have healthier bodies, smarter homes, and a greener planet.

While studying abroad in Egypt over 10 years ago, she fell in love with the thrilling feeling of being in another country and experiencing a culture completely different from her own. She walked away from that trip with this craving to explore more places to see how each destination expanded her perception of the world. After graduating, she continued to travel, while also gaining video production experience, landing producer and editor positions with major brands like The Weather Channel, The Home Depot, and WebMD. Eventually, it dawned on her that she could use these content production skills to share different perspectives of the world as seen through her own lens. She started blogging and vlogging about sustainable travel, smart technology, and her vegan lifestyle – and then in 2017, she quit her job to become an entrepreneur.

Since becoming a full-time content creator, she has completely rebranded from a travel blog to her self-titled personal brand Hey Ashley Renne. She left her “glamorous” travel influencer career in 2019 to reduce her carbon footprint and educate her community about sustainable living, became a host on the Smart. Healthy. Green. Living streaming channel (SHG Living), joined the Creative Council board of Climate Power 2020 and started volunteering as a Wildlife Transporter. She built a platform that inspires us all to bridge individual action with systemic change to help end animal exploitation, protect our natural environment, and improve the health of our bodies through green lifestyle changes – especially in marginalized communities impacted by climate and health problems.

She currently lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband Karl and pup Kayden (an adorable 11-year old husky).


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