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July Garden Tour – Veggie Growing Tips, Flowers & Huge Disappointment!

Walk around with me for a golden hour July garden tour. Lots of veggie growing tips, flowers for the pollinators, and also a huge disappointment!

Harvesting Organic Beans from the Container Garden

Today I’m harvesting organic beans from the container garden and showing you how to grow MORE beans for harvests late in the summer and into the fall.

Tomato Trellises, Harvests, Grapes and More

Join me as I share what I’ve been up to this week in the garden. DIY tree branch trellises went up, harvests were pulled out, protected the grapes from critters and much more!

How to do a Container Garden Mid Season Boost to Keep Harvests Coming

How to give your container garden a mid-season boost to keep lots of harvests coming into the late summer and fall.

Blackberry Harvest, Growing Tips and Our Favorite Way to Eat Them

Join me for a blackberry harvest, growing tips and our favorite way to eat them!

How to Make a Free, Easy Watermelon Sling to Support Melon Growing Vertically on a Trellis

How to make an easy, free watermelon sling to support watermelon and other fruits or veggies growing on a trellis using things you already have around your house!

Meet CaliKim

CaliKim is a backyard organic gardener dedicated to helping you grow your own healthy, delicious vegetables – in a quick, simple, and inexpensive way that fits into your hectic lifestyle.

CaliKim lives in Southern California with her husband, Jerry; their two children, and border collie, Mac. Kim and Jerry (aka “CameraGuy” on their YouTube channel) work as a team to produce garden content that helps viewers all over the world grow their own organic veggies.

CaliKim provides garden support, shares garden how-to’s and tips through her YouTube channel, CaliKim Garden and Home, blog, online seed and garden shop, social media communities, and her book – Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy.

CaliKim Garden & Home YouTube channel has over 900 garden tutorials (adding more every week), over 315,000 subscribers, and more than 44 million views from gardeners worldwide. Her garden tutorials will not only inspire and motivate you to grow your own food but show you WHAT to do and HOW to do it!

CaliKim’s garden motto:  Start simple and expand later has helped thousands of people grow their own homegrown veggies. Start simple – grow just one vegetable (like lettuce!) in a small container outside or on a sunny windowsill.

Once someone is successful with a tiny, simple garden and tastes that first fresh harvest – they’ll be hooked. Soon they’ll have the confidence to expand their growing space little by little and add a few more vegetables each time they plant.

Garden along with CaliKim. Use her quick, simple, and inexpensive methods and you’ll be growing your own fresh, tasty veggies before you know it and having a lot of fun along the way!

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