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The Truck We Are Using To Move Shipping Container Homes

This thing is getting REAL. The container is almost ready to move. We went out and got a new truck to help with the move. She is a BEAST!

20ft Shipping Container Home Walkthrough

The interior of our 20 ft. Shipping Container Home is mostly done! We’ve been moving quickly on this over the past few weeks.

Shiplap Walls in Our Shipping Container Home

Since this container home needs to travel potentially pretty far we went with something that would be a little more durable than drywall. Shiplap is all the rage and it does look pretty sweet! With the small space, this took a little more work than we were expecting. Mostly because of all the cuts we had to make.

Shipping Container Home Electrical Install Insofast

Today we install the electrical. The Insofast insulation and framing created some challenges in the build but luckily we know what we’re doing…at least 50% of the time. If electrical is not something you’ve done before PLEASE consult an electrician!

Shipping Container Home Insulation Insofast Pros & Cons

Is the Insofast system right for you and your build? We cover the pros and cons and how it relates to more traditional framing and insolations.

Check out my $10,000 Shipping Container Home

We did it. We made a $10,000 Shipping Container Home! This was a simple build that even a DIYer can do. Next week we are dropping the total cost!

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