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Miter Saw – A Beginners Guide

When I started woodworking I didn’t have very many tools but I saved up for a miter saw and I think it’s one of the most important tools a beginner can have. I feel like its one of the safer saws and it can open up a whole bunch of amazing projects.

Sanding For Beginners

So I have had lots of people ask HOW TO SAND a TABLE before you stain or paint if you’re a beginner woodworker. I had a table that I was just about to finish so I thought I would make a quick video showing my process.

DIY Outdoor Chair and Couch

I made my own DIY MODERN outdoor chair and couch that works perfectly for this space. I took a few other designs and mixed them together to create what worked best for my project and this is a super easy design. That’s one of the great things about DIY, it can be customized!

DIY Modern Plant Stands

I just finished this planter stand and it’s a great DIY project. This is a great beginner woodworking project as it’s affordable and pretty simple. I love having a spot for my new plant babies.

DIY No Wire Sconce

OK, my friends, this was a super quick and simple project. I needed a no wire sconce for my kid’s bunk bed situation. I decided to try and make one out of a battery-operated puck light and it worked so well! My girls love them and so do I so it’s perfect.

DIY Octagon Feature Wall For Under $75

I’ve never done a black wall but I’m finding its a bit addicting and I am now looking for other places I can add it to my decor! This design looks a lot harder then it actually is and it really helps update your space.

Meet Brandi Radulovich

Brandi is a woodworking mom of 3.  She is also a Mental Health Professional and has practiced for a few years. When she had her 3rd baby she decided she really wanted to be home full time with the kids. She quit her practice and began the process of becoming SAHM (Stay At Home Mom).

She soon realized that she is a very active doer and needed a hobby for herself – enter woodworking.  As you can imagine her budget was pretty tight and she wanted a few things for her home, so she decided to build them herself. That was a few years ago, and now here she is.

Brandi started building for others and it’s still her favorite hobby! She loves learning new things and taking on new builds.  She also has a passion for home design, after all the two go hand in hand!


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