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DIY Landscape Boulders | How to make fake rocks

I made some DIY Fake Rocks to cover my utility meters! It is really easy to make fake landscape boulders using plywood, metal mesh, and Quikwall Surface Bonding Cement. Faux rock covers for utilities are usually plastic and look super fake so using plaster is a nice upgrade and cheap!

DIY Hand-Formed Concrete Chair

This DIY concrete chair is made by hand forming quikwall surface bonding cement onto a plastic chair. The legs are made out of steel and bolt onto the concrete chair seat. this is part of a series of concrete chairs that I am working on.

DIY Modular Mid Century Modern Furniture | The Slide-On Bench

This DIY Modular Mid Century Modern Bench is made out of 1”x6” walnut and steel flat bar. The design can be assembled in less than a minute without using fasteners or glue. It’s a great project for beginners that have a background in woodworking but are new to metalworking.

Making a Floating Bed

In this episode, I will show how to make a floating bed with a live edge headboard. I made this DIY bed frame out of steel 1” square tube and used a live edge white cedar slab of wood for the headboard.

$500 in Materials to make a $6000 Table

I used $500 worth of materials to make a table I sold for $6000. This DIY dining table for 10 requires a well-rounded maker skill set but nothing beyond an intermediate level of ability of welding and woodworking.

How to Make Concrete Pavers

I made DIY Concrete pavers for a concrete patio project I am working on. I created a modular system that lets me integrate plants into the design. Quikrete 5000 is my favorite concrete mix for these types of projects. It is inexpensive, has a nice consistent color, and is stronger than typical concrete at 5000 psi.

Meet Ben Uyeda

Ben is a designer, lecturer, and entrepreneur focusing on the field of affordable and sustainable design. Ben is the co-founder and design director of FreeGreen.com, as well as a visiting lecturer at Northeastern University.

Ben received both his B.Arch. and his Master of Architecture from Cornell University. After graduating in 2005, Ben was hired as a visiting lecturer at Cornell where he created an original curriculum for teaching sustainable design, emphasizing the importance of critically understanding contemporary media and popular culture when trying to implement environmentally progressive technologies.

HomeMade Modern was launched with the intent of participating in the mass dissemination of good design ideas, not the mass production of value-engineered objects. Every project that we publish is created with the belief that design is about communicating how and why something should be made. We want to inspire and encourage people to create heirloom quality goods with naturally durable materials.


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