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Perfect White Paint

Learn to Pick the Right White Paint

Watch and learn how to pick the right white paint for any space. No more stressing & no more guessing! After watching this video you will know how to analyze white paint so you can pick the perfect one every time.

Spring Kitchen Tour

Great to spend some time together touring around the kitchen of my 1886 Victorian home. My kitchen is my favorite place.

30 Lessons to be a Better Decorator

Whether you are in the midst of a full renovation or simply need a few tweaks to make your home perfect my decorating lessons will help you reach your decorating goals.

Low Cost – High Style IKEA Finds

I took a field trip to IKEA! Brought home some fabulous finds and I am sharing them with you. Not just sharing, but showing how I styled each piece in my home. Everything was under $20!

How to Make a Decorating Plan & Stay on Budget

Today I am teaching you How to Make a Decorating Plan and stay on budget. My step by step plan will help you focus so you get the look you want without making costly mistakes, succumbing to impulse buys or sacrificing your goal to the budget.

Understand Thread Count & Buy the Right Sheets

Understand what “thread count” means so you can buy the best sheets at the best price and enjoy the best sleep! Gain the knowledge you need about thread count so buying sheets is no longer confusing, nor involves guesswork.

Meet Kelly Wilkniss

Kelly’s motivation for her blog, podcast, and the channel is to inspire YOU to create a beautiful home. She believes that everyone deserves, and can create, such a home environment no matter the budget. After all, it is not what you’ve got, but how you use it!

Through her blog~ My Soulful Home, podcast ~ Decorating Tips & Tricks, and her YouTube channel Kelly shares tips, advice, encouragement & a bit of humor to help you create the home of your dreams. No matter your decor style, Kelly’s tips & advice will make great design accessible, approachable & affordable.

The garden is also a passion of Kelly’s. Her posts & videos on gardening instruct the novice & engage the pro. Her best selling book, My Soulful Home ~ A Year in Flowers, teaches the art of floral design and growing a cutting garden through step by step tutorials and delightful stories. In 2019 Kelly was named a 2019 Better Homes & Gardens Style Maker for her interiors and gardens. She has been a longtime brand ambassador for Monrovia Nursery.

Kelly has fully restored & renovated her historic home, 1886 Victorian, in Southern California. She lives there with her husband, 2 daughters, and three rescue dogs – Emmett, Edith & Eve. People ask is her home “done” & Kelly answers, “complete, but never done”. Home should be reflective of the people who live there, hence ever-changing. Join Kelly and create the home & garden you have always dreamed of calling your own.

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Wanting more design and garden tips? Check out Kelly’s book,  My Soulful Home: A Year in Flowers.


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