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Passive Solar Dream House

Pierre and Manon had a shared dream to someday build a Solar Passive House. They knew they wanted to have a smaller house in order to reduce their environmental footprint, so they started from scratch.

Passive House: LA’s First Ever!

With all the beautiful weather LA has to offer, why would anyone ever think of building a home by the most airtight building standard in the world? Xavier Gaucher lives and breathes Passive House so it only makes sense that he would build LA’s first-ever passive house.

Ed Begley Jr. House Tour Los Angeles 2019

Welcome to one of the most sustainable celebrity homes in Los Angeles. In this video, we take you on a house tour of Ed Begley Jr.’s LEED Platinum home and get an up-close look at some pretty impressive sustainable features.

Why Electricity Is Better Than Natural Gas In Your Home

Are you still using natural gas in your home? Have you thought about the health impacts of doing so? Bruce Nilles–a Senior Fellow at the Rocky Mountain Institute–realized that his biggest carbon footprint was his own home and that burning natural gas inside his home was unhealthy for his family.

Afton Passive House – Energy Efficient Family Farmhouse

Take a look at this beautiful Passive House family home. Mike and Barb Morehead wanted to build their retirement house that was also ecological sound, and a house that they could share and enjoy with their children and grandchildren.

LEED Gold: Minneapolis Lakefront Home Tour

Meet Melissa and Jim – they built their dream home a few years ago, but this wasn’t like any other home. Their main goal was to have a healthy home for their kids, and one that would also save on energy and environmental resources.

Meet Matt Daigle

When Matt Daigle and his wife bought their first home together, they had the audacious goal of renovating the fixer-upper just in time for their first daughter, Audrey, to be born. While he still cringes at the fact that his wife, Mallory, was up on ladders painting at 8 months pregnant, they got enough of the home completed to move in and be ready for their baby’s arrival.

This was an important time for Matt because it triggered in him a desire to think more seriously about their future and give his daughter the best world she deserved and made him realize just how tough it was to have a home that reflected their values.

Despite having a beautiful home, Matt still felt like they failed at renovating their home. He mostly came to this conclusion after he picked up their new power bill and noticed that it hadn’t changed. Despite investing over six figures into the home, they weren’t saving on the cost of running it, in any way. They had built a home that reflected their aesthetic values and style, but not their core values as a family.

Like most people, Matt and Mallory value their family’s health first and foremost. They also value their own hard-earned money and like to spend money on things that benefit their lives (as opposed to on utility bills). And, they value the natural resources our planet provides us: nutritious food, clean water, and clean air—so want to support an economy that enhances, rather than damages, our planet.

It’s pretty overwhelming to try to figure out how to do that, but our homes are one thing over which we do have control and can make a difference. And, as Matt has learned, the more we invest in a healthy, efficient, and durable home, the more benefits we get out of it—from a financial perspective (lower operating costs, higher resale value) as well as a form a comfort and health perspective.

So, as they invested more money into their home, they wanted the final product to be one that matches our values. That fueled Matt to relentlessly research home improvement alternatives—the so-called “green building” market. Pretty soon, though, he realized how difficult it is to try to have a home that is more sustainable. Why? It required research, analysis, asking for alternative bids, and sometimes it costs more—which he was willing to pay for if there is a good reason. But it should not be so hard to make smart choices for ourselves and our families.

This is why Matt started Rise—selfishly or not, trying to solve his own problem, so that we could have a home that is true to his family’s values, pocketbook while respecting our planet and being mindful of our future along the way.

Check out the series of homes and products he has discovered along the way on his Smart. Healthy. Green. Living show “Rise”, now streaming.

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