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How To Cut An Angled T-Bridle Joint

I made this side table to sit next to my couch. It uses an angled T-bridle join, something I haven’t done before. A T bridle joint is essentially just a bridle joint, except it runs through the mating piece. This is usually a simple process with a table saw, but I don’t have one, so I came up with a different solution using a bandsaw.

DIY Wood Flooring From 80 Year Old Wall Studs

In this video I remove the old concrete posts holding up the floor bearer and pull up the vinyl flooring. The existing floor underneath the tiles was already finished so I only needed to add a strip of flooring to the gap where the wall used to be. I made this flooring from the studs of the wall that I removed.

Making A Kitchen Island / Dining Table

I have a small kitchen/living room area so I needed my kitchen island to double as a dining table. This required some planning when it came to wiring up the bench as the cable needs to be run inside the table legs, not the cabinets like you normally would. So I came up with this island bench, made with mortise and tenon joinery, and a European beech top. The cabinets are flat pack and custom fit the table.

How To Make A Modern Steam Bent Chair

I had a go at making a modern chair out of bentwood, for the Rockler Bentwood Challenge. This was my first time building a chair as well as steam bending timber like this, so it tested most of my woodworking knowledge

How To Make A Modern Cubby Storage Unit

In this video, I make a cube storage unit for my lounge. It’s the second piece in a set, to match the tv cabinet I made a few months back. It uses plywood panels for the main body and finger-jointed timber panels for the drawer box fronts. The draw boxes are made to be removed.

How To Make A Simple Outdoor Screen

One of the biggest problems with modern backyards in the city is that they are small and have little privacy. This week I address the problem by installing screens along my back wall, attached to my pergola. They’re made from cheap, treated pine decking but after adding a water-based stain they look fantastic.

Meet Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis’ passion is making things.

He’s been a part of the maker community for a few years now, starting from humble beginnings. After moving into his first home he began renovating heavily. With very little experience, and through his own research, he discovered a group of people who dedicated their free time to ‘making’.

The joy of watching someone make something from nothing is a feeling Robin embraced and since then has strived to create content that is not only entertaining but accessible to everyone. From woodworking to home DIY, the creative design comes in many forms.

It wasn’t that long ago that he was picking up his first power tool. He believes that each and every one of us should experience that if we can.


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