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Taking The Lead in Home Automation

Crestron has been developing smart and integrated technologies for years, and its best-in-class innovations are taking hold in the home automation sector. Sabine meets with John from Crestron to learn more about making The Greenwich House smart and new standards that are accelerating the industry.

New Ultra-Compact Counters

Cosentino recently introduced a new ultra-compact counter material and we were lucky enough to have it at The Greenwich House. This material is really amazing, scratch resistant, heat resistant, stain-resistant, and it’s ultra-compact nature makes it naturally antimicrobial. Sabine gets the full rundown from our favorite Cosentino rep, Lenny. Consider this for your home.

Going Green with Geo-Thermal

It was important that The Greenwich House would have an energy-efficient an eco-friendly heating and cooling source. Since solar and wind technologies were out, Sabine took a look at geothermal. Sabine meets with Bill Weinberg of AMHAC to learn more about the system that was installed and how it all works. She also meets with a skeptic during her quest to find the perfect system.

After some soul searching, Sabine finds zehnder, an eco-friendly building design solution for air quality in the home.

Another Look At Indoor Air Quality

As construction comes to a close, there is one last step to ensuring clean, fresh air is delivered throughout the home. Sabine selected an energy recovery ventilation unit from Zehnder America to ensure that the home maintained adequate fresh air and ventilation. John Rockwell is on-site to help walk us through the final configuration on the install and next steps to turning on the system.

The Importance of Dramatic Lighting

Dramatic lighting in the home can really be a great artistic and wow statement, especially in key areas. At The Greenwich House, Sabine chose fixtures from Hubbardton Forge – a pendant chandelier for the entryway and glass pendants above the island in the kitchen.

Advanced Healthy Floor Finishes

For years, Sabine has suffered from intense headaches due to all the noxious fumes and odors around paint and flooring finishes towards the end of construction. But at The Greenwich House, we’re going all zero-VOC and Sabine has found a new one coat floor finish that is leaving the home smelling of flowers.

Meet Sabine H. Shoenberg

Sabine embodies a movement focused on creating homes for better living through state-of-the-art, proven technologies based around smart, healthy, green home building materials and design.

Sabine developed “The Greenwich House” as a first, high-end, smart, healthy & green “spec” home in Greenwich, CT.  The project was a huge success.

Sabine aims to make smart, healthy, and green living fashionable and the must-have standard in residential home construction. She is leading the way to establish smart, healthy, green living as the next generation in homebuilding.

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