School Bus To Tiny House


DIY School Bus Tiny House Conversion

How to Renovate a School Bus into a Tiny House / RV. Today on Modern Builds I’m starting my biggest DIY project to date. I’m turning a vintage SCHOOL BUS into a mobile TINY HOUSE on wheels!! This bus build will be a six-part series, with each episode focusing on the buildout of an individual room

The Bedroom

Today I’m building out the Master Bedroom in the School Bus to Tiny House project. This is episode 2 of 6 where I used limited tools to create a modern, platform bed with built-in storage to get the most use out of the limited space.

The Bathroom

I’ll be showing you how I built a Modern, DIY Bathroom for my mobile School Bus Tiny House / RV. I’ve remodeled/renovated a couple of bathrooms before but never built one from scratch.

The Kitchen

I’m using limited tools to create a Modern Plywood Kitchen using solid orange laminates that I applied to both the cabinets and countertops. This project was a whole lot of fun and a great learning experience!

Meet Mike Montgomery

Mike Montgomery, Modern Builds

Mike Montgomery is a designer, builder, and full-time content creator. Accessibility is his focus with Modern Builds, not simply accessibility of designs, but accessibility in materials, information, and projects themselves. He has focused on creating and designing projects that are simple enough that any beginner maker can create, yet interesting enough that any expert might be inspired. Building and making is becoming less and less of an exclusive hobby and profession. Mike’s goal is to reduce that separation even further.

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