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Best CES 2020 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets

I’ll show you the best smart home tech, plus other gadgets I found. Some of these brands are huge like Samsung, while others are brand new. Buckle down, we’re moving fast today!

Smart Home Hub or Nah? When and How to Use a Hub

When do you need a smart home hub and what’s the best way to use one? I’ll explain why a hub will help you level up your smart home. There are some automations you can do with voice assistants and IFTTT, but a hub will help you dial everything in.

Fixing Home Automations so your Family is NOT Annoyed

As I’ve grown my smart home over the years, a few automations didn’t work for my family in real life. In this video, I’ll improve several automations to make them pass the “wife test.” Several of these ideas could make your smart home run more smoothly, too!

Smart Home Automation Challenge – Budget vs Expensive

In this video, I will show you a few automations that I set up, both on a low and high budget. Now I can get alerts when my washer is done, and my lights flash when the doorbell rings.

Smart Apartment Setup – 10+ Ideas that are EASY to move

If you want the best smart apartment tech, you’re in the right place. I’ll go through an entire smart apartment setup and share automation ideas. This video focuses on what’s easy to move and won’t cause any damage to the walls.

Wyze Cam Outdoor is Good for $50… but not perfect

If you are like me, you have been waiting years for Wyze Cam Outdoor. It’s finally here, and I am taking an early look at how it works. I’ll compare its footage side-by-side with Wyze Cam v2, Eufy 2c, and Arlo Pro 2

Meet Reed Kleinman

Reed is the host of Smart Home Solver and created the Smart Home Solver enterprise in 2015 with his wife Aly. Through the show and articles on their website, they seek to make it easy to research and compare the best smart home gadgets.

Through the videos and articles, they help you understand where you should spend your money to build the ultimate smart home. They even created “The Solver” as an ultimate tool for discovering which gadgets work together.

Reed and Aly got started when they discovered a lack of a helpful smart home websites when they purchased their first connected gadget: a cheap security camera for spying on their dog. There was no helpful information out there, and they ended up purchasing a cheap camera.

Since Reed worked as a software developer and Aly was in digital marketing, they decided to combine their skills and start a blog about smart home tech.

From the day they started this as a side project, it has grown into so much more.

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