Why won’t my video play?

Why won’t my video play?
April 22, 2020 coraandkrist

Check your Internet

  • A slow internet connection could be a problem. Check your location and the number of devices connected to your network. Both of these factors can slow things down.
  • A weak internet connection can also cause issues. Check the strength on your device; if it’s low, try moving closer to your Wi-Fi router.

Check to make sure your device is supported

Update your device

  • Make sure your device is running on the latest version of the operating system.

Try on another device

  • Try another device with SHG Living to see if the problem is occurring across platforms.

Other possible causes:

  • For the best experience, we recommend a high-speed Internet connection. To enjoy the highest-quality SHG Living experience, all components, including HDMI cables, should support high-bandwidth digital content. External displays should support HDCP 2.2 for 4K Ultra HD and HDR content. Older audio and video components can have an impact on the quality or possibly prevent playback entirely. SHG Living may not be available in your Country/Region yet. Read this article to find out where the service is currently available.